BitTorrent nearly maxes out Optimum Online Ultra: Hooray for 10+ MB/s download speeds


Day Two of Optimum Online Ultra here at Deleon HQ, so I thought I’d share some info regarding how it works in the real world. (Yesterday we looked at a speed test, which isn’t necessarily reflective of what you’d find in everyday Internet use.) Onward!

Let’s first look at BitTorrent, which I’d guess is the most popular P2P thingie out there. I use Vuze because I’m on a Mac (well, two Macs: a Fall 2006 era iMac, which now sorta acts as a server, and a pre-unibody MacBook, which is what I use to pump out all these posts on a daily basis) connected to the 802.11n Wi-Fi network provided by the D-Link DIR-825; Transmission, the other big Mac client, is a little too “dumbed down” for my tastes (and it seems to be more buggy than many “private” BitTorrent sites would like to see), and I’m not about to run uTorrent in Wine or anything like that.

I used this site’s speed calculator to determine what settings to put Vuze at. It seemed to work pretty well. Observe:


Or, zoomed in:


That’s a movie from a certain BitTorrent site; you’re out of your mind if you think I’ll identify either the movie or the site in question. I’ll just say it’s a very well-seeded torrent and leave it at that.

As you can see, it’s pretty damn close to Optimum Online Ultra’s max speed of 101 megabits (or, 12.62 megabytes), running at 10+ MB/s.

That same torrent then began to upload at this speed:


So the upload is about half of the max speed of 15 megabits (or, 1.87 megabytes) at 962 KB/s. I may still have to some tweaking in Vuze—speaking of which, do any of you know a good how-to guide on how to setup things like max connections per client?—in order to get that number closer to the max.

Last night my younger brother crossed the 11MB/s barrier using Giganews. (For the record, I use Newsdemon—a perk of the job!) Sorry, no screenshots of that amazing moment. Just take my word for it, okay?

Probably the most disappointing is YouTube. Here I was expecting each video to load like lightning, but it really doesn’t seem to be any faster than it was using my old Internet connection. I guess that’s Google’s fault, though.

If there’s any requests out there to demonstrate how fast Optimum Online Ultra is just drop a line in the comments. If not, thank you for your time, and God bless America.