Rumor: LG confirms Apple will have new OLED notebook, iPhone and maybe something else

Do you have high blood pressure? Well, you’re about to get a huge chunk of salt for lunch. Smarthouse is claiming that a source working in the confines of LG have revealed that Apple is working on an OLED touch-screen netbook and a new iPhone/iPod Touch. Sure, we knew about the 10-inch panels weeks ago, but this lends a bit of credence to that rumor. It’s no secret that Apple tapped LG a while back to produce screens for them, but a leak of this nature could spell disaster for the partnership.

There aren’t very many details on the new iPhone/iPod Touch, but a few other details about the netbook have come fowward. LG has been diligently testing OLED screens that are resistant to body oils and sweat because leaving fingerprints and smudges on anything made by Apple is a big no-no. According to Smarthouse, LG is tinkering with a screen that has an added layer that will eliminate “finger marking.”

Smarthouse was also told that Apple may or may not be working on another wireless content device because of interest on Apple’s part for a wafer thin OLED screen made by LG.

I need a glass of water now.

via Smarthouse