The Best Buy "Premier Black"-gate explained

Best Buy employee and CG reader Lance writes:

I am actually a BestBuy employee and have too received this e-mail.

This e-mail is legitimate and was a [spoof] [mistake? – ed.] on Best Buy’s part. I understand that many of you see this as a fault of technology and stupidity on Best Buy’s part but think about it, a multi-billion dollar technology conglomerate needs many employees to work for them. There are various development teams that go into developing the program to creating the e-mail that all members see. It is difficult to get all the systems to merge without fault, trust me, store teams see it ALL THE TIME.

Many store teams haven’t even heard of Premier Black but fortunately I have several co-workers that work for corporate with the development teams and they have explained me that it is a program in the works but is not slated to be released/piloted until right before Holidays or a little after.

There was an earlier post explaining the benefits of Premier Silver, everything he mentioned was correct. Premier Black is supposed to have additional benefits to Silver but Silver must be reached first in order to even qualify.

Unfortunately I am not a spokesperson for Best Buy but I do understand everyone’s frustration. Trust me though, corporate is aware of the fault and the miscommunication and there is to be an e-mail coming soon explaining the mishap and they should provide as much information as they can at this point in that follow-up e-mail.

So that settles it, right?