Lots of gadgets to be featured in new Star Trek movie

Guess what? Apparently there are going to be a bunch of gadgets in the new Star Trek movie. Not some gadgets, not a handful of gadgets, but “all the gadgets,” according to the movie’s producer, Brian Burk, who told MTV Movies the following:

“We intentionally don’t talk too much about the story but there’s all the gadgets you could want. No replicators but there’s warp speed and transporter beams and tricorders and communicators and everything you could want. All the gadgets.”

Writer/producer Roberto Orci also said the film will be accessible to people who know nothing about Star Trek. It sounds like it’ll almost be a prequel of sorts.

“It’s designed very much to be seen if you don’t know anything about it, including the story of how they all met. It’s finally, truly Star Trek Zero in a way. You don’t have to know anything.”

The movie was supposed to come out around Christmas this year, but it’s been pushed back to May 2009 if you hadn’t already heard.