Open Tech to Sell its OS X Piracy Company: They Take PayPal

Open Tech opened its doors three weeks ago and planned on selling barebones PCs that were compatible with OS X. Instead of repeating PsyStar’s mistake and pre-installing the OS, Open Tech was going to make the operating system available with its PCs.

Well, the company is now on sale. $50,000 gets you their trade secrets, press contacts, and website… and they accept PayPal!

The Company Open Tech is up for sale. We are selling the Open Tech name, the website,the trade secrets, and press contacts all in one package.If you decide to purchase Open Tech all this info will be emailed to you or faxed- your choice.

If you are interested in purchasing Open Tech Please contact us at

To Purchase the Open Tech Company Now for $50,000. Click the Button Below.The payment process is Verified by PayPal, as soon as the payment is received your information will be emailed to you or faxed.

Anyone want to go in on halfsies?