My On-Again, Off-Again Relationship with MobileMe


Like most Mactards this morning I headed over to to check out the new goodies to be found in this all-encompassing update to the old-timey web services suite. As I logged in I was presented with the MobileMe screen with an array of icons and my excitement, needless to say, was palpable and turgid. Sadly, however, my palpability deflated as I was then kicked back to the MobileMe intro page again and again, thwarted from enjoying MobileMe features. Words cannot describe my pain.

There is currently a new version of iTunes out – update your software in OS X and try to update in Windows to get it – and even the Apple TV is currently updating itself to support MobileMe. All of the pieces are there but clearly Apple is waiting for some sort of huge launch to release the product. More news once we figure out what that huge launch is.

After :(