TechCrunch/Crunchgear meetup, Berlin, June 11

I’m delighted to announce that TechCrunch / CrunchGear are holding a Berlin meetup with our partner and co-organiser twidox. The “TechCrunch / twidox German Web 2.0 Meet-up” will be in Berlin, on the 11th of June. has kindly offered to throw the networking event at their offices here from 7:30 pm onwards (pictured above, nice huh).

Peter Ha will be there from the US to represent CrunchGear together with Mike Butcher who writes for both TechCrunch UK and TechCrunch. We both look forward to being able to say “Ich bin ein Berliner”!

We still have a couple of sponsorship opportunities available, so should you be interested, please let us know via our amazing co-host and co-organiser Nicholas MacGowan von Holstein, Twidox Co-founder.

Please note that because we are restricted on numbers, this is strictly an ‘invitations only’ event, meaning only those that received an invite via the XING guest list will get in. We have 100 tickets to give away though. How do you get to be one of the 100? Just go register on the twidox private beta and the first 100 will get an invite.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on June 11th!

Thanks again to our great list of sponsors, who keep these events free to attendees. Here are the sponsors in alphabetical order (as we have not created a tier system on this ocassion).

Allyve – all you have, all live. Allyve is your remote control with preview for the internet: all you have, all live, alive!

Gimahhot – Gimahhot is the world’s first B2C Ecommerce platform on which brand products are traded like on the stock exchange. Similar to Amazon’s Marketplace, users can buy immediately at the current offer price or place bids that all merchants can react on

Hobnox – Hobnox is an online entertainment platform which unites broadcast quality media with social networking and cutting edge technology. Come to Hobnox to watch, connect, collaborate and create

Imedo – imedo is a German health community that enables patients to take control over their health by sharing advice on such matters as diseases or treatment options and finding people with similar health challenges

Jimdo – is the easiest to use online-website creator. You can integrate any kind of content, adjust or implement your own design, write a blog within the site, set different privacy levels – and thus create a completely independent site about yourself. Social features will help you to keep in touch with your friends!

Kyte – The future of digital content distribution, user engagement & monetization. Kyte makes it easy to create authentic digital content, instantly distribute it across the web, social networks and mobile phones, and engage with an audience through real-time multimedia communications

locr – Locate your photos, discover the world and share with friends. locr offers geo-enhanced photo sharing for mobile phone users and hobby photographers.

MediaVentures – an entrepreneur-driven venture capitalist with a successful track record in developing strong brands out of fresh ideas.

Mister Wong – Mister Wong is Europe´s leading social bookmarking service with more than 4 million unique visitors a month and did just aqcuired, a media and services aggregator. is also a sponsor.

Plazes – Plazes is your social web to-go. Share your location, stay connected with friends, let them know where you’re at and make future plans, see who’s crossing your path and what’s happening nearby.

Qype – The largest user-generated local review site in Europe

Sevenload – sevenload is your social media platform for photos, videos and interactive shows. Our community offers all sevenloaders a ton of excitement and enormous creative potential – so get on sevenload today!

Sixgroups – With the new six groups livecommunities, webmasters can turn their websites into communities within minutes. They provide a new way of real time communication called the “livestream” which aggregates community activities, topic-related social media and chat messages.

Talicious – a web based community for talented people, no matter whether it is photography, art, music, singing or sports.

Toksta – toksta* provides a text, voice and video instant messenger for social communities and forums. The widget can be implemented by the communities via a copy & paste script and is 100% free (incl. hosting, revenue share, design customization and logo branding).

twidox – twidox is a free, user generated library of ‘quality’ documents that allows individuals and organizations to easily publish, distribute, share, and discover them.

Weblin – The social software Weblin not only makes people visible on websites but also makes communication possible across all websites. It brings people with the same interests together and turns the entire web into a virtual world.

Xing – The business network connecting millions of professionals worldwide