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Last Sunday was the OpenSocial hackathon at the BT Centre in London, pitched as a way for developers to learn how to get OpenSocail apps up and running on MySpace and other containers like Hi5, Orkut etc. Engineers from MySpace and Google were on hand to help walk through code examples, and help build applications, I gather. However, I haven’t seen many blog posts about it other than the ones here and here which makes me wonder how many people actually went. I guess the snow may not have helped.

Anyone else have any views on OpenSocial’s future?

  • FND

    According to one of the organizers, there were around 70 people in total:

  • Dan Lester

    The event was very well organised, and all good fun. I could only make it mid-afternoon, but it sounded like there was a lot of coding help earlier on. For someone working closely with Open Social, it was a unique opportunity to meet the ‘faces behind the emails’ of a lot of the Google team (plus Myspace).

    The snow meant there were a few name badges left on the desk, and quite a few pizzas each, but I don’t think anyone was disappointed with the turnout. Probably many more would have come if it wasn’t organised at such late notice. Apparently, it was going to be organised for a few weeks time, but the Google people were coming to Europe for ApacheCon this week anyway, so they brought it forward.

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