Apple Offering $7000 Refund To Early Adopters

…of the original Apple Lisa. One of Apple’s first computers with a GUI and a mouse, the Lisa sold for $9995 back in 1983. Later that year, the Macintosh debuted for a paltry $2495 and ever since then, Steve Jobs has felt stricken with guilt:

“I’ve felt bad about people who bought the Lisa for a long time. Anybody who bought one of the first Apple Lisas really got screwed,” said Jobs. “Now that we’ve got some cash, I think it’s about time we made it right.”

Glad you’re doing the right thing Steve, but almost 25 years later? Totally unnecessary and not even that great of a PR move. If you think you’re on the road to a quick seven grand though, think again. Original Lisa owners will need a proof of purchase from the box and the original receipt as well to claim the refund.

Jobs Offers Apple Lisa
Early Adopters Store Credit
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