Active Athlete Media: Advertising For Sport Related Sites

aam.jpgActive Athlete Media is an online advertising firm focused on bringing what they call “Active Athletes” en masse to advertisers.

The company brings brands and advertisers to sport related websites through an advertising network and a set of publisher tools that includes sport specific search engines, social book-marking, and weather widgets.

Sport is said to be a highly desirable demographic with an estimated 150 Million active consumers in the United States.

Active Athlete Media aggregates sport and fitness related sites in one place and uses proprietary technology to garner user data, offering marketers targeted access to users.

Current advertisers include Nike, Gatorade, Ford, AT&T, American Express and others with advertisements currently being shown to over 85 publishing partners.

It’s brave for any advertising company to launch and try to compete with the likes of the Google, yet firms such as Active Athlete Media can find a place by targeting niche online communities. Overall Active Athlete Media is a good offering that is bound to find support from the sport and fitness publishing community.