Mini Desktop Filing Cabinet Brings Back CES Woes

Every trade show we attend, we’re swarmed by people in the industry throwing their cards at us like shurikens. After the first 50 or so, you start accumulating a little pile on your work desk and then 6 months down the road, your desk is littered by tons of cards from PR people, manufacturers, R&D guys, and those little cards people flick in your face in Vegas with hookers on them. In the end, there are just too many cards to deal with.

But now there is a godsend in the form of the Mini File Cabinet. It has two drawers that can hold up to 800 biz cards no problem. There’s even a small clock on the front so you can see if it’s Miller Time. Pick one up if you have an endless pile of cards sitting on your work desk. Or don’t. Maybe you like it messy. The Mini File Cabinet will set you back $14 and is available now.

Mini desktop filing cabinet holds business cards [Popgadget]