Top Celebrity List Launched at TeamSugar

The TeamSugar Top 100 Celebrities List: In some ways it’s the equivalent of the Technorati Top 100 list for bloggers, although the participants are somewhat cooler.

Read their launch announcement here. The company has aggregated hundreds of Hollywood celebrities, and pulled data on each of them from YouTube videos, Wikipedia entries, Flickr photos and Sugar Network blog posts.

Users then can rate each celebrity in five categories (likability, talent, style, class and looks) on a scale from 1-10. The aggregated stats are compared to other celebrities to create the top 100 list. Each celebrity has their own page (example), and users can also leave comments about the celebrity on these pages.

The top celebrity right now is Brad Pitt, with an overall rating of 7.67. Adam Brody just made the cut at no. 100, with a score of 5.27.

This is yet another product from San Francisco based TeamSugar, an exploding blog network focused on celebrity gossip, fashion, fitness and other topics (the blogs are all listed at the bottom of the TeamSugar home page) . We first covered them last August, a year after launch. At the time they had 1.5 million unique visitors and 13 million monthly page views. Today, co-founder and CEO Brian Sugar says the sites generate 30 million monthly page views on 3.5 million uniques. The company raised $5 million from Sequoia in October 2006.