M2 Convert: Day 03

The saga continues! We’ve had a bumpy two days, but appear to be settling into our new home now. A more stable server means a more loving environment for our little heathens Matt, Raj and Vince, since I won’t have to yell at them all day in fits of of misplaced drunken rage at our previous old-and-busted server. So that at least is cause for celebration (for them).

Alrighty, we’ve had comments aplenty in the past day despite the disaster. So I’ve got a new bunch of new M2 Convert winners from yesterday. They are:

  • adi
  • irene
  • james wilson
  • paul
  • bpm2000
  • Elodie
  • Alan Enid
  • Huckleberry
  • Chris
  • Tienshiao Ma
  • Thanks for participating everyone. You should have emails in your boxes already.

    And don’t forget, we’ve still got 70 more copies to give away. So if you want to win, just keep on commenting and be sure to plug your email address into the form.

    Plus one lucky commenter this week will win the grand prize, a brand new Samsung Blackjack. We’re giving that away tomorrow, so be sure to comment as much as physically possible in the next 24 hours.