CrunchGear and the Race to 2000

Alright everybody, it’s time for a new CrunchGear contest, this one will produce a sole victor who will receive an iPod Nano. The object is simple: comment. That’s it. Really. The person who makes the 2000th comment will receive the Nano and, of course, eternal fame and glory.

I should note that ideally we’re looking for reasonably insightful comments, so please don’t just post something ridiculous in order to make an entry or drive the count up. If the winning comment is junk, we’ll be forced to take the next in line. Secondly, when you comment, make sure you use your valid email address, as that’s what we’ll be using to contact you should you win. Our goal here is to get some discussion going AND give someone a black 4GB Nano. This will also allow us to see what you guys enjoy reading/talking about and teach us how to improve our coverage over time. Win-win, see?

We currently have 960 comments, so get started. We’ll publish regular updates once we reach 1000, 1500, and 1900.