Exclusive: Google Payments Seller Reputation Screenshots

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A few weeks ago here on Techcrunch we revealed more information about Google’s new payments system along with some screenshots of how it looks and works. One of the questions at the time was what Google would do about buyers being able to check a sellers reputation before making a purchase. We can now reveal that Google have built a reputation system that allows buyers to rate sellers and leave comments.

The rating system is very simple with the user giving the seller a rating between 1 to 5 stars, as well as a comment that Google says should be about “how did the seller handle your order and communication with you”. Other buyers are then able to check comments that other users have left as well as a sellers overall rating. It is not yet known if Google will use the ratings with other Google services, but this news further confirms that Google are taking aim at eBay and the classifieds market and want to facilitate transactions.

A screenshot is worth a thousand words so we have attached two below.

Google Seller Reputation

Google Seller Reputation