Successful Meetup Last Night

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Thank you to everyone who attended our meetup/bbq last night in Atherton. We are definitely going to do this at least monthly, and we had a number of offers for corporate sponsorships last night to cover food, drinks, etc. in the future.

If you have any pictures from last night, please upload them to the wiki picture area (or place a link to buzznet or flickr or wherever you’ve posted them).

Also, I see posts by Tara, Ethan, Esteban, Justin Smith, Kevin, Chris Heuer, Ho John Lee, and Saha on the meetup. Thanks for writing!

Tara is also tagging her flickr pictures of the event with the tag “techcrunchbbq”. Good idea. I’ll do the same.



  • Tim

    Why can’t they simply sell Mac OS X READY machines, and let people buy the OS and install it themselves? Wouldn’t that get around any legal issues?

  • Derek


    As I understand it, these are OSX ready machines sold with a how-to guide for installing Leopard. This doesn’t get around the legal issues. I think it makes them stickier for purchasers of these machines and for Open Tech. The key legal issue in these cases is that Apple’s EULA prohibits just what you suggest and what Open Tech is trying to do. It limits installation of Apple software to Apple machines. It’s sort of the inverse of Microsoft’s legal battle.

  • rdubs

    The photo pictured is of an external hard drive, not a complete unit.

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