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June 14, 2005

What’s New?

Feedburner had a “Hackathon” (see Joe Kraus on hackathons) day last Thursday, where engineers dropped their projects for a day and worked on new features that could be designed, implemented and tested in a single day.

They came up with seven new features (link):

Ping Server – alert FeedBurner that your blog has been updated and would like FeedBurner to update your FeedBurner feed now, instead of waiting for the normal 30 minute auto-renew.
Geotag Your Feed – add geographic position to your FeedBurner feed.
Title/description Burner – allows you to change the title and/or description of your feed without changing anything in your source feed or in your blogging tool.
FeedMedic – notify you of any errors FeedBurner encounters when regularly processing your source feed.
Javascript Circulation Ticker – with Awareness API enabled, allows you to get a daily ticker to place on your blog, displaying whether your circulation is going up or down.
ImageCast – enhancement to SmartCast service beyond audio and video enclosures.
StatsTracker Dashboard Widget (Mac only) – view your feed’s circulation with the new StatsTracker widget for Mac OS X Dashboard.

Our favorites are the new ping server (the ping server will be profiled here soon) for fast updates, and the circulation ticker (neat tool to put on your blog). I’m trying to dig up a mac while Keith is on vacation to try out the statstracker widget.


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