• The Prime-8 Action Robot

    The Prime-8 is a cute robot from Bossa Nova that can shoot missiles and pound you and your loved ones into submission. It is based on the HREX robot. Read More

  • Cyberdyne Corp. starts exporting its robotic exoskeleton HAL-5 (video)

    A robot venture from Japan called Cyberdyne (yes, just like the evil corporation in the Terminator movies) has been in the news for years now for its futuristic exoskeleton HAL-5, a wearable robotic suit that helps paralyzed persons walk and lift heavy objects. Until now, the spectacular suit was marketed mainly in Japan, but today it came to light that Professor Sankai (the mastermind behind… Read More

  • Video of coffee-serving mini humanoid is awesome, gets 100,000 views in 24 hours

    A video of Hina [JP], a small female humanoid, is currently causing a sensation in the Japanese blogosphere. It shows Hina first grinding coffee beans, then brewing coffee before finally serving it to her master. And the little robot does it all by herself. I have no idea how they did this, but the video (essentially a silent mini movie) is the best thing you’ll see all day. Read More

  • Micropet-i: New robo-animals from Japan to melt your heart

    These must be the cutest robots since the thumb-sized Robo-Qs: Takara Tomy (Tomy in the US) today announced the Micropet-i series [JP, PDF], which consists of nine different (very small and adorable) robotic animals. This is the same company responsible for said Robo-Qs. Read More

  • Japanese robotics company unveils autonomous mini vehicle

    Tokyo-based robotics venture ZMP has developed a mini vehicle that is about one-tenth the size of a real car and able to drive autonomously. Equipped with a CCD camera and an infrared laser system, the robo-car is able to detect obstacles and calculate their distance. Read More

  • New robot reads out books loud for you, looks cute

    We covered them all: Teaching robots, kissing robots, space robots, modeling robots and even sensitive robots. But Ninomiya-kun, a book-reading robot, is a new one. He might get along well with Booktime, a page-turning robot (just saying). And needless to say, all of these robots are Japanese. Read More

  • Now robots can prepare your sushi and pancakes

    As the world’s leading country in robotics, Japan is producing one robot after the other. Some of them are funny and some of them are for serious purposes. I assume the so-called “Chef Robot”, made for handling Nippon’s national dish sushi, is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Read More

  • KOBIAN proves that robots can now even get emotional (video)

    Humanoid robots are being developed all over the world (but especially in Japan) with many purposes in mind, with assistance to the sick and elderly as two of the most important areas. The problem is that sick and elderly people are usually confronted with robots having a cold, emotionless aura. And this is where a new robot called KOBIAN comes in. Read More

  • Snoozy the Sloth: Breathe with me Snoozy the Sloth from Justin Blinder on Vimeo. This odd little sloth has a real rubber diaphragm inside its tiny slothy guts allowing it to breathe gently as you hold it. Why would its creator, Justin Blinder, make such a thing? Perhaps he… Read More

  • Dog-shaped robot recycles pet poop, is expensive

    Japan-based Tohoku Kankyo is selling the Samu [JP], a robotic trash can that’s shaped like a dog and can get rid of “natural garbage” like food leftovers and pet poo in a biologically acceptable way. Users can turn 600 to 1,000g of bad stuff into compost each day. Read More

  • See Me, feel me, touch me, little robot

    Want cool fun? Need a robot? Get this AI robot. That can be controlled via artificial intelligence and can detect-and-escape barriers and detect-and-trace objects in its surroundings. Cool! Fun! Team them up and they cost $42 with 4 extra batteries! What fun! You can also get full set for $168 including four AI robots! What great robot fun you can have with this! Read More

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