Nvidia VP Claire Delaunay will discuss empowering robotics startups at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI

Robotics, AI and automation are the future of business. This much seemingly everyone can agree on. Finding the resources to implement these technologies, on the other hand, is a different question entirely. Resource-strapped startups and even established companies with sufficient know-how may find it difficult to adapt to changing technologies.

Nvidia’s VP of Engineering Claire Delaunay will be returning to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI at UC Berkeley on March 3 to discuss the component giant’s work in AI and robotics. After showing off Nvidia’s Isaac platform at last year’s event, the former Google robotics lead will discuss how the company is working to create a platform to help accelerate robotics development.

Delaunay will be joined by Scott Phoenix, the co-founder and CEO of Vicarious, which works to develop AI and general intelligence for robotics, and Joshua Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Freedom Robotics, which works to help companies launch and scale robotics systems.

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