Watch experts from Boston Dynamics, Built, Dusty and Toggle discuss robotic construction at TC Sessions: Robotics

After recently doing a survey of the top robotics investment rounds, it became pretty clear: construction is going to be huge for this industry. Global construction is expected to hit $13 trillion by 2022 (with China alone hitting that number in 2030), and there are plenty of dull, dirty and dangerous jobs that seem well-positioned for potential automation.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a fantastic — and packed — panel set to examine how robotics, AI and automation are poised to transform the industry. There’s a wide range of potential opportunities for the right startup, from producing construction materials to surveying sites. The latter, in particular, could amount to a big market for a company that can help correct mistakes before they become too costly.

Today we’re excited to announce that Boston Dynamics’ Construction Technologist Brian Ringley will be joining an already packed panel that includes Built Robotics’ Noah Campbell-Ready, Tessa Lau of Dusty Robotics and Toggle’s Daniel Blank at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI on March 3.

A longtime robotics pioneer, Boston Dynamics is a recent entrant into the construction space. The company’s now commercially available Spot robot is currently being piloted at construction sites. With lidar and other imaging technologies mounted on its back, the robot is able to give a more complete picture of in-progress construction sites.

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