• StackMob’s Mobile App Platform Is Now Publicly Available

    StackMob’s Mobile App Platform Is Now Publicly Available

    StackMob, a backend service provider for mobile, is today publicly launching its mobile app platform, after having been in private beta for a good part of the year. The company, often described as a “Heroku for mobile” is a fully hosted platform that allows developers to address all the backend needs for their mobile apps including OAuth and social service integration (e.g. Read More

  • PageLines Debuts Platform, A Drag And Drop Theme Framework For WordPress

    Today at the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas, PageLines will announce the release of Platform, a drag & drop design framework for WordPress. The product features some nifty CMS design options, a drag-and-drop layout editor, and a fully configurable template builder for creating custom websites. In addition, Platform comes fully integrated with bbPress forum and BuddyPress community software… Read More

  • Wikio merges with Ebuzzing – cue controversy

    [France] Wikio has announced on its blog (in French) that Ebuzzing has joined the “Wikio communication group”. You’ve probably heard of Wikio – you know, a kind’ve competitor to Digg and Technorati in France which expanded to Europe. But you’ve probably not heard of Ebuzzing, which is focused on France. Wikio and Ebuzzing are in fact two major players for… Read More