• Today is 'Free HDMI Cable Day' (plus $5.99 for shipping)

    HDMI cables are the new fool’s gold. And by fool’s gold I mean “things they sell at Best Buy for $30+ that you can get on the internet for next to nothing.” Read More

  • HDMI over Powerline by Averlogic

    Now this makes sense. Can’t you see the future when all you need to do is plug your new flat-screen into a wall outlet and the video will magically appear on the screen? Averlogic has a system that’s not that advance, but can still send 1080p24 video with 5.1 audio over standard power lines. Both ends of the transmission of course have a box, but hopefully someone, somewhere is… Read More

  • DIY: Speaker and component cables

    Making A/V cables used to be a hobby of mine. That was before HDMI took over my gear though. But just a few short years ago, all my A/V equipment was hooked up with homemade cables. The process is easy enough as long as you can use wirecutters and crimpers. Speaker and audio cables are the cheapest to make as they generally do not require any special tools but component cables aren’t… Read More

  • Mini HDMI connector developed, the future looks bright

    It’s looking good that HDMI might become a standard port on small gadgets if the new connector is approved. The prototype mini-HDMI connector (far left) can transmits all the data as its full size counterparts, but is significantly smaller. How small? It’s half as small as the current portable size and even a touch smaller than micro USB. Somehow the 6.4mm wide connector still has… Read More

  • Review: PPC locking HDMI cable

    Quickie: An HDMI cable that snaps into place and cannot be pulled out without pressing the little lock. It works. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 6 foot HDMI cable for $0.47

    Well, this cable takes the cake for the lowest priced HDMI cable ever. I have never seen an HDMI cable this inexpensive before. Plus, shipping is only $2.98. Seriously, this is dirt cheap. Did you know that you can buy 210 of these cables for the price of one Monster Cable HDMI cable. Just something to think about. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 3-foot HDMI cable 10 pack for $14.99

    Short cables are great! Less clutter and the same functionality. This 10 pack of 3-foot HDMI cables could be mighty handy for an A/V setup as long as the devices will stay in the same place – say, on a rack. However, if you have to pull the equipment out to access the backpanel, buy longer cables so you don’t have to unplug cables constantly. Read More

  • Lancerlink's USB to HDMI converter is now also available for Macs

    Tokyo-based electronics company Lancerlink [JP] has added Mac support to the Grand HD Cinema, a dongle that allows users to view media files stored on their computers on their TV by converting USB to HDMI. The PC version of the device, which was developed jointly with Taiwan-based GRANDTEC ELECTRONIC, was released in Japan back in January and was the first of its kind. Read More

  • Monster Cable developing super-thin HDMI cables that are bound to be overpriced

    Everyone’s favorite cable company (hehe) is working with silicon chip developer Redmere to develop a super-thin HDMI cable that can transmit at high speeds. The magic that Redmere is providing comes in the form of a chip technology that can maintain a 10.2 GB/s data rate while being super thin. How thin you ask? No idea. How much you ask? No idea. What do we know? The cable will be… Read More

  • Sony announces swiveling HDMI cables

    Sony sure does pick random times to announce a bevy of goods. At PMA, Sony launched a new swiveling HDMI cable. Read More

  • Monoprice to come through with a Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter

    Good ol’ Monoprice. The home of cheap cables and whatnots should have a Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter next month for a low, low price of $14.25. The website currently lists the adapter with a March 15th release date. We sure hope Monoprice will stock a bunch to pick up Apple’s slack. Read More

  • Xbox 360 HDMI audio fix coming tonight

    The widely known and highly aggravating HDMI audio conundrum will be getting a patch tonight at 2AM PST. It’s being rolled out worldwide so don’t freak out if you’re not immediately prompted when signing into Live. Read More

  • Grand HD cinema: The world's first USB to HDMI converter

    Tokyo-based electronics company Lancerlink [JP] and GRANDTEC ELECTRONIC from Taiwan have jointly developed the Grand HD Cinema, a USB to HDMI converter. According to GRANDTEC, it’s the world’s first device of its kind. Read More

  • DIY HDMI cables from audioquest coming soon

    HDMI cables have long been the bane of custom AV installers mainly because they previously could not be made to length. It seems that audioquest has solved the problem with a system that splits the HDMI wire into two wire groups for termination and crimping. That way, you are avoiding crimping all 19 wires at once. Most installers can crimp CAT-5’s eight wires in their sleep so doing… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Two 6-foot HDMI cables for $6 shipped!

    No need to get those overpriced Monster Cable HDMI doodads when the cheap ones are just as good! Read More

  • HDMI/Component trickery at Best Buy

    As I recall we had an issue a few months back with another big box store but someone just caught Best Buy also using HDMI cables and comparing them to component cables. Consumerist just found another example. While this is obviously a massive fraud it might have been the only way the Best Buy folks could think to stream the same signal from the Blu-Ray player to both TVs – besides… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free HDMI cables from Comcast!

    According to a tip from a Comcast guy, consumers can get a free HDMI cable if they trade in their component cable. The stipulation is that you have to ask for one. This is great news for people that were stuck by $5 HDMI cables from Monoprice and Amazon, along with the chumps purchasing $100 HDMI cables from Monster Cable. Everyone wins! Read More

  • HN-PP150: Sharp Japan releases Aquos photo player / printer with HDMI port

    Sharp Japan today announced the HN-PP150 [JP], a combination of photo player and printer that will be released in Nippon under the Aquos brand January 28 next year (price: $250). It’s sized at 234.5×205×89mm.
    The DLNA-compliant HN-PP150 can print pictures taken with mobile phones or digital cameras in JPEG format (thermal wax transfer, 300×300ppi). Users can choose between… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pure silver HDMI cable for only $1,300

    If you scoff at Monster Cable’s prices, please don’t keep reading – you’ll have a stroke. This Ethereal HDMI cable has been submitted to DPL Labs with the hopes and dreams to be the longest Class C, Level 5 HDMI cable which means that it can handle the maximum throughput on the scale. This is similar to the testing that Monster Cable showed off at CEDIA ’08. Read More

  • 1080p HDTV photo viewer acts as HDMI switcher too

    Here’s an interesting little device out of Hong Kong. It’s basically a memory card reader that hooks up to your HDTV, allowing you to see your own pores in glorious 1080p. However, it’s also got a built-in HDMI switching function so you can place it in between, say, your Blu-ray player and your TV and still just only lose one HDMI input. The HD-0310, as it’s called… Read More