• Leopard Gets Its Spots in October

    Mac users have been waiting on Leopard for several decades, if you’ll forgive my hyperbole, and they’re going to have to wait a bit longer. Originally, Leopard (OS X 10.5) was slated to hit the shelves and Macs this Summer. The iPhone, however, has gummed the works. According to an email sent to key developers and vendors: iPhone has already passed several of its required… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Crossed Wires Edition

    Cingular and Verizon Drop Kiddie Phones
    Sony Patents 3D Virtual Reality Controller For The PS3
    Konami Characters And Their 1980s Counterparts
    The AudioFile: Apple and the Long (Mc)Fly Ball
    The Great Skype Contest of 2007, Day 5 Read More

  • Breaking: Google Spends $3.1 Billion To Acquire DoubleClick

    About 20 minutes ago Google announced that they have agreed to acquired DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in cash (nearly double the size of their YouTube Acquisition). Microsoft was reportedly in a bidding war with Google for the company. Google gets access to DoubleClick’s advertising software and, perhaps more importantly, their customers and network. DoubleClick was founded in 1996. Read More

  • Cingular and Verizon Drop Kiddie Phones

    I can’t see this having much effect on anyone but the manufacturers of the phones, but Verizon today announced that it has stopped selling the LG Migo, a phone made for kids. Meanwhile, Cingular also announced that it would no longer sell the Firefly phone in its retail stores. The main feature of both of these devices is that they lack 10-digit keypads. Mom and dad can program in a… Read More

  • Shannon Terry Is Pissed Off, Threatens Lawsuit Against TechCrunch

    I just received the letter below by email, in reference to my previous post on Shannon Terry and Rivals.com. I’m not going to make a statement on this just yet – our lawyers are involved and have advised me to keep quiet for now. I’ll say this much, though. Rivals is no longer my favorite sports news site. Update (11:42 pm PST 4/13/08): I am still not prepared to respond… Read More

  • Philips Electronics Buys Accessory-maker DLO

    Royal Philips Electronics today announced that it will acquire US-based Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO), which designs, markets and distributes a gazillion-and-one accessories namely for Apple’s iPods. This includes docking stations, FM transmitters, cables and cases. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2007, upon which DLO will become part of the… Read More

  • Intel Creating New UMPC Platform, Will Use Old UMPC Platform to Hold Up Cafeteria Tables, Maybe Make Some Nice Planters

    InfoWorld, newly online-only, is reporting that Intel is creating a new UMPC platform, McCaslin, to replace its insanely popular older UMPC platform. The new system will run at up to 800MHz and support Windows Vista. The new platform should start dribbling out in the next year. Look for it at the next CeBIT next to the booth selling boob-shaped mice. Intel expected to launch new UMPC… Read More

  • Sidekick ID Video Review

    Part One of One in which Your Hero field strips the Sidekick ID in order to Create a Clever and Vexing Combination of two Disparate Colors. See also
    Sidekick ID Hands On Read More

  • Samsung's Blu-ray and HD DVD Compatible Duo HD Player Here By The Holidays

    Samsung will release the Blu-ray and HD DVD-playing Duo HD Player (BD-UP5000) before the Holidays. Unlike LG’s Super Mega Happy Whatever dual disc player, Samsung’s will actually support both formats completely, interactive features and all. The player stands to benefit from the general confusion surrounding the high definition disc format war. (‘Cause it’s so… Read More

  • Sun Buys SavaJe With Leftover Raffle Tickets

    Breaking news, folks. Sun Microsystems, creators of hit products like Java and the Java Runtime Engine and Java 2, have acquired all the assets and intellectual property of SavaJe, which is some startup that made a Java-based OS for cellphones. The company is now out of business, hence why Sun was actually able to afford a purchase since, last I checked, Sun isn’t exactly rolling in cash. Read More

  • Wi-Fi iPod On The Way, Could Be Ready By Summertime, Living to Be Easy

    Apple’s primary manufacturer has hinted at the production of Wi-Fi iPods to be released in the second half of this year. Taiwan’s DigiTimes reports that Foxconn will manufacture the finished iPods and could be ready to ship as early as during the summer. No word on whether or not this Wi-Fi iPod will have a touchscreen like the iPhone. Sure, an iPod with built-in Wi-Fi has been… Read More

  • The Great Skype Contest of 2007, Day 5

    We’ve finally hit the wall, people. One more kit left. Yesterday’s kit is now winging its way to OffBeat Mammal while one more waits spinning in its launch tube, primed for almost any of our 5-10 loyal readers. Where will the secret subject line be? Who will win the last kit? What am I talking about? BTW – the secret subject line is not SkypeMe. Read More

  • Sony Patents 3D Virtual Reality Controller For The PS3

    Sony has patented a 3D controller for the PS3 and Vaio PCs that responds not only to your wild, flailing movements, but also to your hand grip and applied pressure. As the drawings so wonderfully illustrate, the controller’s held in the palm of your hands. There’s a tactile response, too, so you’re able to feel the game, so to speak. I bet Sony’s real happy it… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Cingular Cell Phone Geo-Finder Services

    . While there are many other players with location based technologies in this field, the fact that a carrier like Cingular has some innovations and is looking to add value to its new Apple relationship holds a bit of promise. With the growing geography + mobile, IM, blogging field developing with Twitter and Outside.in, these technologies are also feeling quite timely for launch. Read More

  • Konami Characters And Their 1980s Counterparts

    This is quite possibly the most awesome set of comparisons ever. For years I’ve been saying that the guy from Contra looks like Arnold and sure enough, according to this Shamoozal article, he does. A bunch of characters from Konami games have been compared to their 1980s counterparts and boy are the results right on the money. Aside from Contra, you’ll also find comparisons for… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Apple and the Long (Mc)Fly Ball

    People have been clamoring for WiFi-enabled music players for a long time now. But current offerings from Archos, Microsoft, and SanDisk make it seem like they’re all just taking weak jabs at Apple, like when George McFly goes to deck Biff in Back To the Future and just lands a wimpy blow on his shoulder. The big blunder is simple: keeping social WiFi (sharing music) and productivity… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Shower Scene

    Geek Squad Dude Caught Recording Showering Women
    Juke Tower In-Shower MP3 Player: Bring Your Own Memory
    Fake Chopsticks for Wannabe Asian Food Nuts
    The Futurist: Technology and Toys — Sometimes Low-Tech is High-Fun
    20GB PS3 Discontinued, Funeral Service Scheduled For Next Week Read More

  • Apple Delays OS X Leopard Due to iPhone

    Apple has announced that OS X Leopard is now officially delayed. The reason? The iPhone. That’s right, Cupertino had to “borrow some key software engineering and QA resources” from Leopard development and apply them to iPhone production. As a result, Leopard will debut in October rather than at June’s WWDC event. I still maintain that the iPhone is going to be a… Read More

  • Sidekick ID Hands On

    The Sidekick ID: Don’t Call It a Comeback The Sidekick line is an odd animal. It’s not smartphone nor is it a fashion phone, but it seems to straddle the line between the two so precariously that it becomes everything to everyone. I’ve used the SK3 since it came out and found it to be the best messaging phone I’ve ever used, bar none. Symbian, WinMo and Linux have… Read More

  • CEO Of Rivals Involved In Securities Fraud; May Kill Yahoo Acquisition

    Update: See here. Rumors about a possible $100 million acquisition by Yahoo of sports content site Rivals surfaced today. But two previous deals to acquire the company died once it was discovered that the CEO, Shannon Terry, was found to have been involved in a classic “pump and dump” scheme, and violated the anti-touting and antifraud provisions of U.S. securities laws in… Read More

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