• Going Green at CrunchGear

    Geeks are a selfish lot. Our obsessions are resource intensive and damaging to the environment. Every gadget we buy, ever minute we spend charging our iPhones, every laptop we send into oblivion in the IT shop is a testament to the unbeatable juggernaut of technological advancement and resource use. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can rethink our strategies, be more careful… Read More

  • NDrive G800 includes aerial imagery

    The NDrive G800 is currently only in the UK and Ireland, but users there will get something that few GPS systems offer. The G800 is one of the first systems to include aerial imagery, it looks great on it’s 4.3″ screen. The NDrive can also operate in other parts of Europe, if the user chooses to buy maps for their area that is. The G800 also supports videos, photos, e-books, music… Read More

  • New: Video Comments On All TechCrunch Blogs

    We’ve been testing a new comments feature on the TechCrunch blogs over the last few days – video comments, powered by Seesmic (a company I invested in). The feature is delivered via a WordPress plugin (details here and an overview video is here). You’ll see the link to leave a video comment at the end of the comment stream on every post. You can choose to leave a text comment… Read More

  • Australia's 'green' graveyard uses GPS to find graves

    Now the environmentally conscious can continue their quest to clean up this dump we call Earth by requesting to be buried near Lismore Memorial Park Cemetery in the Northern Rivers region of Australia. “The deceased will be buried in biodegradable coffins between gum trees in a protected koala sanctuary,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Headstones must be made from… Read More

  • And We Have A New DataPortability Logo

    After being threatened by Red Hat because its original suitcase logo was too close to theirs, the DataPortability workgroup decided to hold a contest for a new logo, which anyone could vote on. Now the logo contest is over, and the winning design is shown at right. Congratulations to Alex Pankratov, who submitted the design. In addition to the glory of seeing the logo on all official… Read More

  • NYC Dept of Education has had it with Leopard's Wi-Fi

    Most Mac users currently running Leopard may have experienced this little problem; you’re tooling around the interconnected network of world wide web sites and all of a sudden your connection just drops…then reconnects…then drops. Or it’ll look like you’re not connected, but you are. Or vice versa. 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that the aforementioned glitch has… Read More

  • Microsoft's 'Live Mesh' feature actually seems useful

    Cloud computing (see convoluted diagram above) is slowly warming the hearts of those at Microsoft, especially Ray Ozzie, the man who’s been tasked with filling Bill Gates‘ nerdly shoes. Ozzie came up with an idea for a new Microsoft feature called “Live Mesh,” which will basically allow you to share, synchronize, and access your data from a myriad of internet… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson launches two sexy HSDPA phones you shouldn't care about

    Oh boy, rest of the world! Sony Ericsson is looking out for you with their new Z780 and the sexy-stylish G502 are basically aimed at the developing world where mobile Internet might not be as popular. Both support ActiveSync and run on tri-band GSM. Don’t call your grandma and tell her about this one, because she’ll be disappointed that it will never arrive on our… Read More

  • Get Blown On Facebook

    What is it with college kids and online video challenges? There are plenty of startups catering to this strange video niche/fetish. IBeatYou and Strutta (read our review) have dedicated their entire Websites to this activity. And now Blowtorch Entertainment, the independent movie studio that raised $50 million last November, is getting in on the action with a Facebook app called Blown (and… Read More

  • Blu-ray won't save the optical-disk-mongers trade

    Citigroup analyst Jason “the Flame” Bazinet believes that DVD revenues — and later Blu-Ray revenues, at this point — will fall steadily in the next few years, bucking the growth trend that bouyed the spirits of Hollywood bigwigs for years. He expects total sales to fall to $21.4 million this year and the overall Blu-Ray uptake to remain steady and, sadly… Read More

  • Nintendo Fan Network now free for Mariners' fans

    I’m sitting in the Virgin America gate at JFK waiting for my flight to Seattle and I come across this tidbit of news. I’m both stoked and bummed at the same time. I’m stoked because this is a pretty rad deal for Mariner’s fans and I grew up rooting for them, which explains my hatred for the Yankees, but I’m bummed because I forgot my DS at home. If… Read More

  • Amateur Hour Over At Twitter?

    It doesn’t really matter if Twitter’s Chief Architect Blaine Cook was fired or resigned. The important thing is that he’s gone now, and this gives Twitter the opportunity to hire someone (or a team) who may actually be able to scale the nearly two year old service and keep it live. Cook was directly responsible for scaling Twitter, and he very much failed in his job. A year… Read More

  • Flying.Space.Marines.for.sale

    Flying SPACE MARINES! FLYING SPACE MARINES! FLYING… SPACE MARINES! THAT SHOOT EACH OTHER! FLYING ONES! The manifold wonders of nature are truly bounteous and only $49.99 for two! Read More

  • Twitter Trends: Twist

    The popularity of Google Trends, which lets users compare the relative popularity of words and phrases based on the quantity of search queries on Google over time, is starting to spawn similar services based on different data sets. Facebook now has Lexicon (launched April 15), which shows trends based on Wall posts. Twitter doesn’t have an official in house trends product of their own… Read More

  • MobileHook API Available for Web 2.0 Developers

    Hook Mobile’s MobileHook API is now available for Web 2.0 application developers. Developers will be able to build multimedia from social networking sites, and include photos, video, audio and slideshows. This API provides open access into Hook Mobile’s MAX 2.0 platform that provides Multimedia Messaging (MMS) delivery into wireless carrier networks. “We are embracing… Read More

  • Lightpole Implements Fire Eagle, Helps You Get to Know the World Around You

    Mobile application service provider Lightpole has introduced a beta version of software that expands on its application’s geolocation capabilities using Yahoo’s Fire Eagle. Lightpole provides businesses with a way to distribute content to mobile phone users, mostly regarding information related to points of interest (POIs). Fire Eagle, which launched last month, is… Read More

  • Voice Activated Directory for BlackBerry from Microsoft

    Microsoft’s Tellme subsidiary launched a voice activated directory for the BlackBerry yesterday. Users can talk into the device and say the name of a business, type of business, or keywords like “weather”, “movies”, “traffic”, “map” or “driving directions.” The application then uses GPS to locate the BlackBerry and give out… Read More

  • Privacy Disaster At Twitter: Direct Messages Exposed (Update: GroupTweet Is Likely Culprit)

    Twitter user Orli Yakuel, with 650 followers, had a nasty surprise this morning – her direct messages (private messages between two Twitter users) showed up in her normal Twitter stream (and were subsequently published to her FriendFeed account). Friends messaged her to tell her about the embarrassing issue. At first she tried to delete the private messages and posted the notice above… Read More

  • Want goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.com? Too Late

    Uptime monitoring service Pingdom has put together a list of thousands of .com domain names owned by Google, based on an analysis of the root zone file. They then verified the most interesting ones with WHOIS information. Does GoogleWarnerbros.com represent a future partnership, or a failed tryout? Googlereligion.com? Why not. Googlepoo.com? Sure. The entire list is embedded below. Some of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: See Vendor for Details Edition

    Vending machine vends shoes to shoeless Londoners
    NES mod puts NES into NES cartridge
    U.S. bionic eye recently tested successfully in Europe
    One to Three for Five (Seconds): Two chairs, one table
    Project: Double-barrelled elevated composter Read More

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