• Logitech's Mac-only QuickCam puzzles, does video

    For those of you who don’t know what that little dot is for on top of your MacBook, iMac, or MacBook Pro, Logitech has something for you. The QuickCam Vision Pro is a Mac-only 2.0-megapixel webcam that sells for $129.99 and it lets you “enjoy lifelike video on iChat or Skype,” provided that your life is two-dimensional. Why Mac-only? Who the heck knows. Maybe all the… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile offers enticing $79.99 unlimited plan

    Yama hama, look what Virgin Mobile just did. Starting July 1st you can get on the company’s new “Totally Unlimited” plan for $79.99 per month (no contract required), which includes unlimited voice minutes. For $10 more per month, you can get “Unlimited Text & Messaging, with texting, IM, email and picture messages.” If you’re a big talker and you… Read More

  • New Hello Kitty HD-TV unveiled in Japan

    Yesterday Japanese company Uniden announced [JP] it will start shipping a new 19-inch LCD-TV featuring the Sanrio character Hello Kitty from the middle of July. The TL19TX1 offers extra-low power consumption (72kWH per year), a resolution of 1440×810, a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 and 300cd/m² brightness. The device is equipped with a digital TV tuner, 2 speakers (3W each) and… Read More

  • It's Time For Our Annual TechCrunch Event at August Capital

    UPDATE: Tickets sold out very quickly. Additional tickets will be released in the coming weeks. There is not a wait list. Stay tuned. It’s time for my favorite event of the year – our (third) annual party/meetup at August Capital in Silcon Valley. Come join us and hundreds of other techies at August Capital’s fabulous outdoor patio on Friday, July 25, 2008, in Menlo… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile Announces Unlimited Calling Plan

    Virgin Mobile USA announced that it is starting an unlimited calling plan that will be available July 1. Unlimited calling will cost $79.99 per month but doesn’t cover unlimited text messaging. Unlimited texting can be added for an additional $10 a month. The prices don’t include taxes and other fees that can add up to $10 a month, depending on what part of the country the… Read More

  • Wii: ‘SimCity Creator’ preview, gameplay video

    http://videomedia.ign.com/ev/ev.swf I’m a big, big fan of the SimCity series. Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll be like “Oh, Doug? Yeah, he loves SimCity. Loves it. Good old SimCity Aamoth.” That’s what they called me in college. I happen to think that the golden age of SimCity was SimCity 3000, but I’ll happily play SimCity 2000 all day long. SimCity 4? Read More

  • SearchMe Launches Stacks, Gets Serious About Search Relevance

    New Sequoia-backed visual search engine SearchMe launched a bunch of new features today – new video and image search engines as well as a new visual bookmarking tool called stacks. The main new feature, stacks, allows users to bookmark and group sites and share them, visually, with others. To create a stack, you simply drag results into a newly created stack. See the how to video below… Read More

  • Nokia to buy Symbian, plans to open platform

    Nokia announced today that it “plans to acquire the remaining shares of Symbian Limited that Nokia does not already own”  and then open the Symbian Foundation along with other device manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, Motorola, AT&T, LG, and others. The foundation will be open to all developers and "will provide a unified platform with common UI framework”… Read More

  • Tech Policy Poll

    Quick poll: If you could suggest one tech policy proposal for the Presidential candidates to adopt, what would it be? Later today, I am speaking on a panel at the Personal Democracy Forum about national tech policy. In the poll below, I’ve listed some general policy proposals that are important to the tech community dealing with Net neutrality, patent reform, H1B Visas, copyright… Read More

  • Animoto Now Available For Commercial Use

    <a href="http://www.crunchbase.com/company/animoto&quot;Animoto, the web application that allows users to quickly and easily create personalized, professional-quality videos from their own photos and music, is announcing their first commercial-use service called Animoto for Business. With this new offering Animoto is targeting businesses ranging from the mom’s-and-pop’s… Read More

  • Premier European Singing Community RedKaraoke Launches in U.S.

    Things have been quiet on the online karaoke front for some time now. Online karaoke is great. It’s like watching all the train wrecks from the first couple weeks of American Idol, sans the stage and pithy British insults. There have been several attempts in the online karaoke scene over the years, and we’re proud to report a newcomer. RedKaraoke, the most popular European… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Sword Play Edition

    Live Luggage makes bags for over-packers
    Not-so-secret NASA satellite launched to scan the oceans deep
    Star Wars Lightsaber game coming to the Wii
    Robotic arm hustles air hockey players everywhere
    Japanese company sells earphones shaped like “cute and wild” pigs Read More

  • Nokia Acquires Symbian – Goes Open Source

    Nokia has today announced that they will be acquiring the remaining 52% of Symbian they don’t own and will be releasing the complete Symbian platform under the Eclipse open source license. Nokia have also announced the creation of the Symbian Foundation, which is an alliance of mobile vendors and application providers that any company can join.
    Continue reading on TechcrunchIT.com >> Read More

  • Symbian Goes Open Source – Courtesy of Nokia

    Nokia has today announced that they will be acquiring the remaining 52% of Symbian they don’t own and will be releasing the complete Symbian platform under the Eclipse open source license. Nokia have also announced the creation of the Symbian Foundation, which is an alliance of mobile vendors and application providers that any company can join. The foundation will oversee the process… Read More

  • Video: Hands on with the Knight Rider GPS from Mio

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcrunchgear%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F1026250%3Freferrer%3Dblip%2Etv%26source%3D1&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Oh, it’s true, folks. This is the real deal. The Knight Rider GPS from Mio has a tentative launch set… Read More

  • Mitsubishi, Aspen Media, NVIDIA form 3DTV triple threat

    This is what happens when a bunch of engineers from different companies get drunk together: they make weird deals like this. I’m always pretty skeptical about these 3D display things, but Peter tells me that he’s tried it out and it works pretty well. You’ll need glasses since it’s a stereoscopic 3D image, but it’s amazing how quickly you get used to things like… Read More

  • Yoono Launches Public Beta, Scores $4 Million in Funding

    Yoono, the social network browser plugin that relaunched in May, has entered public beta. The company has also announced a $4 million extension to their Series A funding round led by AGF Private Equity. Yoono has existed for a number of years but has recently reinvented itself, offering a retooled browser sidebar for Firefox that serves as both a social network feed aggregator and a… Read More

  • Jaxtr Finally Enables Out-of-Network Calling, Raises $10 Million

    Jaxtr, the online VoIP service that also offers a social network, has launched out-of-network calling that will allow users to call phone lines around the world. The new service will allow users to call family and friends (even non-members) from their own phones for a fraction of the costs associated with traditional long distance calling. The company has also raised a $10 million Series… Read More

  • AT&T pegs stars from "The Hills" for LG Shine commercial

    Celebrity endorsements have been the norm for ages, but AT&T has taken this too far. I guess I understand the demographic they’re going for for the LG Shine, but, come on, seriously, a blond dimwit from Laguna Beach and her dumb boyfriend from an MTV show? The dbag did find a fun way to use that mirrored finish, though. via GeekSugar Read More

  • John Adams' New Job: Fix Twitter

    http://qik.com/player.swf?streamname=0155e657a1494c409c26bb0790d7f641&vid=112155&playback=false&polling=false&user=stevegillmor&userlock=true&islive=&username=anonymous John Adams, Twitter’s new Ops Engineer (and apparently a descendant of the guy from the HBO series), said in a Twitter message today (where else) that he’ll soon be working to… Read More

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