• AQUOS Audio: Sharp Japan announces new home cinema system

    Last weekend, Sharp Japan announced a new home cinema system (kind of), the so-called AQUOS Audio [JP], essentially racks with a built-in speaker system. Sharp is especially aiming at potential buyers who usually don’t have the space to set up full home theater systems. Read More

  • Kindle iPhone App Draws Closer To Cutting Out The Kindle Middle Man

    Amazon releasing a Kindle iPhone app shortly after the introduction of the Kindle 2 was a brilliant move. It seemed to show that the emphasis was on the platform, not just one device. And that it was interested in making its customers happy. Unfortunately, to use the Kindle iPhone app, you still basically had to set your iPhone down and buy books on either your Kindle or the Amazon website. Read More

  • Socialmedian Returns As Xing News

    We recently covered socialmedian, which late last year was acquired by European business social network XING, when they introduced a nifty application on the Facebook platform that allowed its users to share personalized news from across the web with their social graph. As of today, XING users can install the first two applications on its OpenSocial-driven platform: one (Xing News) takes… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Samsung SMX-F34 camcorder for $249

    Nice deal on this Samsung SMX-F34 flash memory camcorder with 16GB of built-in storage for $249. Normally selling for around $299, it’s currently priced the same as the memory-less version, the SC-MX20, which I reviewed last fall. Read More

  • Sony looking to expand PlayStation Network to other hardware

    Sony recognizes that the PS3 hasn’t quite sold what it hoped (expected?) it would, and that this is a hinderance to the growth of the “brand” as a whole. Solution? Leverage all the other stuff Sony sells—Blu-ray players, HDTVs, etc.—and throw the PlayStation Network on there. That way, Sony can sell you hot content even if you’re not a PS3 owner. Read More

  • SNL Star Trek skits new and old

    Trekkies are an odd bunch and SNL did a great job poking fun at them back in 1986 with help from Shatner. Last weekend SNL continued the tradition with the help from the new actors and Leonard Neomy. Watch the new and old videos after the jump. Read More

  • Virgin Mobile shares spike with news of Q1 earnings

    Virgin Mobile USA’s shares jumped 57 cents (20%) to $3.47 in midday trading on news of its better than expected (i.e. positive) first quarter earnings. The wireless carrier reported $13.4 million (19 cents/share) in net income for Q1 2009, almost triple (2.85 times, to be more precise) that of 2008 Q1’s $4.7 million (7 cents/share) earnings. Overall revenue increased 2.2% to… Read More

  • Apple Harpoons An iPhone App Due To Fail Whale Sighting

    Apple has a lot of silly reasons for rejecting iPhone apps, but Twitter seems to bring out some of the best of them. A few months ago, Apple rejected the popular iPhone app Tweetie because it featured curse words in the trending topics area — something which obviously the app has no control over. Today, it appears another app has been rejected because of Twitter — only this time… Read More

  • Channel your inner Zack Morris with the 'Brick Style Mobile Phone Holder'

    Miss the 80’s? Me neither. If you have a friend or loved one who does, though, perhaps you should buy them this Zack Morris-style cell phone holder. Yes, it’s a cell phone holder that looks like a gigantic old-school cell phone from the decade that time, common sense, and style forgot. Read More

  • The Motorola W7 Active Edition is good for you, because gestures burn calories or something

    Gesture controls for phones (or any other gadgets) sound like a great idea on paper. “Wow,” you think, “I can shake my phone to change the song! That’s so convenient!” So you get your phone, you load your songs, and you shake. Shake. New song! Shake. New song! A day or two goes by, and it hits you like a breakdancer’s foot to the face: you can shake your… Read More

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