• Upcoming Resistance for PSP can be controlled with the PS3's SIXAXIS

    ot too long ago we asked how you would improve the PSP if given half a chance. One response, and a common thread on many a message board, was to add a second joystick (or “nub”), making the task of porting over PS2 games, and generally delivering a more console-like experience, all the more easy for developers. One such developer, Sony Bend, which developed the PSP Syphon Filter… Read More

  • EA Sports simulates Super Bowl using Madden NFL 09, and the winner is…

    EA Sports recently updated the rosters and player stats for both the Cardinals and the Steelers and squared the two teams off against each other in a simulation of the upcoming Super Bowl. Read More

  • Spotted! – Spotify lures Yahoo! exec for mobile play

    Red hot Stockholm-based music startup Spotify has appointed Gustav Söderström as director of “portable solutions”. This clearly means Spotify intends to exand its music streaming service into the mobile arena. Söderström is a serial entrepreneur, joining Yahoo! in 2006 after his early-player mobile social software company Kenet Works AB was acquired. For the last two years… Read More

  • You have to pick sides in the Apple v. Palm war of words

    Oh, boy! Apple and Palm are going to fight each other on the playground after school. Such is how we have to present the coming Pre v. iPhone “showdown,” you know, because it’s far easier to present something as a “battle” or “war” than it is to merely explain what’s going on: two companies [will] have similar products available. But no! Bang… Read More

  • DailyFill: News Corp's Gossip Experiment Blasts Off

    DailyFill, a gossip site in the same vein as TMZ and Perez Hilton, is off to an impressive start. Less than two months after launch, Quantcast is already reporting 1.7 million unique visitors – a figure on par with PopSugar’s traffic numbers (though we should note that the Sugar network as a whole sees much more traffic). The site first grabbed attention because it was created… Read More

  • Quanta to produce ultra-thin notebook

    The Apple Air had a great big target slapped onto it once Jobs unveiled it. Now Quanta is the latest to enter the niche market of ultra-thin notebooks. Previously, Quanta made their cash by manufacturing computers for others, most notably, Apple so this notebook will probably bring the goods. Read More

  • Verizon makes the Hub official Update: pricing info

    Rumors ’bout the Verizon Hub/One (concept pictured) have been circulating the Internet for ages now but Verizon just made it official with what seems to be a February 1st, 2009 launch date. Specific hardware details are skecty, along with pricing $199 after a $50 MIR with a $35 a month fee, however, Verizon says they will fill in the blanks shortly. It seems that the Hub is designed… Read More

  • Beta Invites For Ridemakerz Virtual World

    If you know a boy between 6 and 12 who likes cars, check out the beta for a new virtual world designed by Ridemakerz, the build-your-own-car toy store. We have invites here. The toy store commissioned the Electric Sheep Co. to build a browser-based virtual world for boys based on its Webflock platform. When I wrote about Ridemakerz back in December, here is how I described the project: Read More

  • Misleading ‘Vista Capable’ label could cost Microsoft $8.5 billion

    Here’s a tip: next time your company creates a snazzy marketing slogan make sure it isn’t misleading. Microsoft may be liable to the tune of $8.5 billion as a result of so many people buying “Vista Capable” PCs in the run up to Vista’s release in January, 2007. The problem is that, to the average person, “Vista Capable” means, “Hey, I can run… Read More

  • T-Mobile stores in 3G-less regions to stock the G1 starting tomorrow

    Since the G1’s launch way back in October, the only folks who could walk into a T-Mobile retail store and walk out with Android in their pocket were those who lived in an area covered by T-Mo’s (still fairly limited) 3G network. Sure, you could order them at any store – but for the most part, that meant having a store employee walk you through the same online process you… Read More

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