• EMC Combines Two Acquisitions Into Decho, To Unleash Super Storage Product

    EMC Corporation is announcing the creation of a new subsidiary this morning called Decho (for Your Digital Echo), which has been formed from the assets of two acquisitions: Mozy (acquired in September 2007) and PI Corporation (acquired in February 2008). The new company is focused on protecting and managing personal digital data. It will continue to offer Mozy’s personal backup product… Read More

  • Adobe To Demo Flash On Mobile (But Only Windows). Still "Working" On The iPhone.

    Adobe’s Flash Player is on 98 percent of all desktop computers, but it is still struggling to make the jump to mobile phones. If you want Flash on a mobile device, right now you have to settle for a compromised version: Flash Lite. But Adobe is committed to bring the full Flash Player experience to mobile phones, as evidenced by its Open Screen Project. On Monday, at its Adobe MAX… Read More

  • Review: Infiniti EX35 Crossover

    The gadgetry in the Infiniti EX35 we tested was intense. Not only is there XM Satellite Radio there is a Bose sound system, front and rear curb sensors, and an amazing external viewing system that initially took my breath away. After driving around in a 2000 Beetle for six years, hopping into the $35,000 EX35 was like visiting Epcot Center after riding around on a carnival merry-go-round for… Read More

  • Google's voice search app coming on Monday, all Apple's fault

    When Google ran their big push about their new voice search application for iPhone, the plan was that it would go live Friday and all would be well. TC has word that the app his hitting tomorrow and that Apple inexplicably refused to push the app on Friday. It was, it seems, “in review.” Read More

  • Facebook Destroys Lucrative Birthday Reminder Industry

    Facebook just added another extremely useful feature for users, and in doing so took out a slew of applications that do that same thing. You can now get a weekly email telling you, simply, which friends have birthdays coming up. That’s good news for all of us who want more birthday information. It’s bad news for Birthday Alert and its clones that already do that on Facebook. Read More

  • Online Ad Growth Grinds To A Halt

    We all know online advertising decelerated in the third quarter, but how bad was the slowdown overall? To find out, we added up the online advertising revenues for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL, which together account for the majority of online advertising. In the third quarter, growth pretty much ground to a halt. The combined ad revenues of those four Web bellwethers eked out only… Read More

  • ThePirateBay is five

    The Pirate Bay is turning five in a few days and look at the little shaver go. It’s now tracking 25 million peers and over 1.8 million torrent files. The company says that new software and hardware are helping them increase the traffic but I think it’s just that they’re cute as a button. Read More

  • German Politician Blocks Local Wikipedia

    This is the image that comes up when people try to access Wikipedia.de, which used to be forwarded to Wikipedia.org. It reads: The county court of Luebeck (North Germany) has issued an order in the name of Lutz Heilmann, Member of Parliament (left party/post-communist) that the German Wikipedia (Wikimedia e.V.) must not allow linking its domain wikipedia.de to the Web site wikipedia.org, as… Read More

  • Google's the latest hit by the arbitrary iPhone ban-hammer?

    Everyone is so excited – so excited! – about the Google iPhone app that is supposed to allow instant voice search. But where is it? The youtube video that preceded it is now down and all mention has been scoured from Google’s website, Soviet-style. Not a good sign. Read More

  • Microcasting

    When people come up against the realtime experience, they have one of several fundamental reactions. The first, and most pervasive, is excitement, following almost immediately by mistrust. This is great, followed by How can I keep up with this? Next is bargaining: attempting to manage the flow through a combination of filtering and exclusion, reducing the noise but also in the process the… Read More

  • Update On Google iPhone Voice Recognition App: Look For It On Monday

    Google’s voice recognition search application for the iPhone, originally set for launch on Friday, will likely go live sometime Monday, we’ve heard from a source with knowledge of the situation. Google was under the impression that the application would be live on the App Store on Friday (obviously, since they pushed all significant press attention to it). Sometime Friday they… Read More

  • More Apple iPhone Search Weirdness, And Embarrassment For Google

    Google’s carefully orchestrated launch of their new voice-recognition search application for the iPhone took a dive this weekend. The application didn’t appear as promised, and Google took down the YouTube video demo’ing the product (although it’s still on the Google Channel YouTube page and embedded below). This is an extraordinary event. Other search app providers… Read More

  • AOL Gets Out Of User Generated Video Business

    AOL is on a product-cutting spree. In addition to the shuttering of XDrive, AOL Pictures, MyMobile And Bluestring, the company will also be shutting down the AOL Video Uploads service starting this week. Users must move their videos prior to December 18, when the service closes for good and the videos will no longer be available. AOL is recommending that users transfer videos to Motionbox, a… Read More

  • Today's Umbrage Inducer: CIO's "Why the Storm is better than the iPhone"

    Eric Zeman, my favorite Phonescoop editor after Rich, wrote a fairly cogent article debunking the flame bait put out by CIO magazine comparing the Storm to the iPhone. Read More

  • Atari 2600 controller makes my heart melt

    At only $20, the LegacyEngineer controller is a pretty nice deal. Not only do you get a USB-powered Atari 2600 controller, you get a warm feeling that no, the 1980s did not pass you by and that no, spending most of your grade school years playing D&D and listening to the James Bond theme song album over and over on casette again (true story!) were not for naught. After all, now this… Read More

  • Man reaches level 80 in Lich King on day after launch

    Man also doesn’t lose virginity until age 30 when it’s with a strange, small woman he paid $50 in a park. In his memoirs, written in vi, he calls her a love gnome. Read More

  • Yes watch brings it all back home

    Yes Watch appeals to me on several levels. The complexity of all the things it does goes straight to the inner nerd. The utility of the things it does is a siren call to pragmatist. The simplicity of the design draws the aesthete. And for their 10th anniversary, they re-released their original concept. This is a sweet timepiece. Read more… Read More

  • Sam's Club ad was so very, very wrong: Bundle is $425

    So Photoshop was our nemesis this holiday season: the bundle in the “leaked” Sam’s Club ad is not $224 for a Wii and a bunch of games it’s $425. Not great but not bad, either. Considering the Wii itself will cost $249, less than $200 more for two games, three Wiimotes, and three Nunchucks isn’t bad. Read More

  • WTF: Come on, Hulu/Netflix/ABC/NBC/Sling/whoever, let us watch American TV outside of the country

    A quick rant. I’m in Geneva, the city where boredom goes to be bored, and wanted to watch a movie on Netflix Instant Play. I headed over and discovered, much to my chagrin, that the system was keyed to my current location and, as a result, I’m locked out. While I’m aware of IP masks and other tricks I could use to get to the content, I’m essentially browsing Usenet… Read More

  • IBM to Mark Papermaster: What about the children?

    BBG found a great line from IBM to Mark Papermaster, the IBM hardware guy who went to Apple to make and sell iPods. After trying many methods to keep Mark from joining a successful hardware company, they finally whipped out the favorite of anti-smut crusaders and anti-segregationists everywhere: After Papermaster informed IBM of his decision to accept the position at Apple, IBM implored… Read More

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