• As Growth Flattens, Digg Downsizes

    On a day when Microsoft announced 5,000 layoffs, the 7 or so people losing their jobs at Digg may seem like a drop in the bucket. But that represents about about 10 percent of Digg’s 75-person workforce, whereas the 5,000 at Microsoft represents 5 percent. We have added Digg to our Layoff Tracker. This move follows layoffs last October at sister company Revision3, which was also founded… Read More

  • Limited edition $600 hand-painted Chumby

    Is $599.95 too much to spend for a hand-painted Chumby? Maybe not if you’re a die-hard fan of artist Sara Antoinette Martin. She painted five (yes, five) Chumby devices by hand, which are now being sold in the Chumby.com store for $599.95 each. Read More

  • Microsoft cutting 1,400 jobs

    Microsoft is cutting up to 5,000 jobs in the next 18 months starting with 1,400 today. Cuts will happen in R&D, marketing, sales, finance, legal, HR, and IT – presumably all in back office staff and no cuts in any of the real revenue bringers. Read More

  • The only way to sell a 1990 Lincoln Town Car: Sex [NSFW]

    What’s a girl to do when she’s moving to Amsterdam and can’t bring her Town Car with her? Sell it on eBay with help from her daddy’s digital camera and her mothers genes. What else? After all, how the hell else are you going to sell a gigantic, V8 Lincoln from the Bush Sr.’s term? We just wanna know one thing though: Can herpes survive on leather seats? More NSFW… Read More

  • English Premier League sets its sights on illegal match streams, P2P

    The English Premier League (or Barclays Premier League, as it’s officially named) really hates violation of its intellectual property. That is to say, a lawyer gets its wings every time you watch a Premier League game online, either on one of those live streaming sites like Justin.tv or Ustream, or using one of those P2P applications like TVAnts (which I got running on my MacBook the… Read More

  • Expensive Knock-off Robowatch! Transform!

    Takara Tony has relreleased one of the defining gadgets of my childhood, albeit in a considerably less cool form. The Chrono Label comes in Destron and Autoceptor styles and has a front display that can display full letters and numbers. Why? I don’t know. Read More

  • Circuit City's Canadian operation to get auctioned this week

    Circuit City’s Canadian operations have been in question ever since the US locations started showing signs of death. CircuitCity.com had previously stated that the Canadian locations would operate normally but that doesn’t seem the case as all 765 stores are headed to the auction block this week. The Source, as the stores are called in Canadaland, were previously purchased from… Read More

  • Lenovo teases you with their oversexed IT workers

    Who ever said having a dual-screen laptop that looks like a tank wouldn’t get you a little strange? Lenovo seems to think so and is saying as much in what amounts to some sort of internal test advertisement for the W700ds, a dual-screen laptop so massive that it should just be called a desktop PC. Read More

  • Huawei's Android phone to be shown next month

    Huawei’s Android handset might drop during the original first half of 2009 time slot instead of the 3Q 2009 some reported. The maker will at least show it off at next months Mobile World Congress, with production hopefully starting shortly there after. *fingers crossed* We don’t have any other details including if the phone will be a touchscreen-only, keyboard-equipped, or the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished Xbox 360 with wireless controller and headset for $149

    Here’s a chance for you to get into an Xbox 360 with a wireless controller for cheap. Geeks.com is selling the aforementioned system with 20GB hard drive, wireless controller, and headset for $149.99 when you use promo code X360 at checkout. Read More

  • Acer’s 8.9-inch Aspire One on the way out?

    While probably not overly shocking, there’s been some loose talk that “Acer is reportedly considering phasing out” the 8.9-inch Aspire One netbook to make way for the 10.1-inch version that’ll be here a few months from now. Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm OS leaks all over the place

    The BlackBerry Storm might have its faults, but I’ll give RIM one thing: they’re certainly cranking out these firmware updates at breakneck speed. Of course, no matter how fast they get the updates out, people will get impatient – which is why it’s always good news when a leak like this one occurs. Sometime last night, OS for the BlackBerry 9500 and 9530 (the… Read More

  • Boost launches $50 dollar Moto in time for their $50 unlimited plan

    Right on time for today’s launch of their $50 Monthly Unlimited plan, Boost Mobile has announced that they’ll be carrying the ultra-basic Motorola i290. They’re going penny-for-penny with the new plan here, peddling the i290 at 50 bucks. So, what do you get in exchange for that greenbacked portrait of Ulysses S. Grant? Not a whole lot. Its flagship features are Push-to-Talk… Read More

  • Txtr reader: Vaporware ebook readers for all

    I want to upgrade my Kindle. I really do. The Kindle design is clunky, it’s starting to fall apart regularly, and the screen is hard on the eyes. But friends, my next Kindle – and next after that, ad infinitum – will be from Amazon unless Tuetonic company Txtr actually makes and sells the item you see before you. Sadly, I seriously doubt it will. Read More

  • Intel to halt [some] production

    Intel recently reported a 90% drop in same quarter profits and now the company is announcing the diet plan. There are plans to stop production at five factories across the globe which will affect 5,000 to 6,000 employees. This including the 200mm wafer fabrication facility in Hillsboro, Ore, btw. The Intel press release did indicate that the closure of these facilities will not impact the… Read More

  • Innovid Launches New Form Of Video Advertising: The Clickable Canvas

    A lot of experimentation with video advertising on the Web is going on these days. Today, an Israeli startup called Innovid (see earlier coverage) is doing its part to help advertisers move away from the pre-roll with technology that allows for things like virtual product placements inside videos and turning entire surfaces into clickable canvases. In the demo video after the jump, for… Read More

  • HTC revamps the Touch Cruise, smoothing curves and adding geotagging

    We hadn’t heard anybody complaining that the HTC Touch Cruise (released at the beginning of 2008) had grown stale – but then again, we hadn’t heard anybody saying much of anything about it lately. Regardless, HTC has taken last years design and given it a polish job, shaving down the dimensions (102 x53.5 x14.5mm, down from 110mmx58mmx15.5mm) and about 21% off of its… Read More

  • Treo PRO now available from Sprint for $249

    Palm and Sprint might have a pickle on their hands. Now that the Palm Pre is the hottest upcoming phone of 2009, how are they going to sell the Treo PRO when the Pre is rumored to launch next month? Sprint thankfully has priced the PRO well with to a $200 price cut and a $100 MIR which brings the MSRP down to a respectable $249. Still, Windows Mobile on the PRO or the sexy, new webOS powering… Read More

  • Microsoft Lost Nearly $500 Million On The Web Last Quarter

    Overall, Microsoft’s quarterly net profits declined 11 percent to $4.17 billion for the fiscal period ended in December. Operating profits were down 8 percent to $5.94 billion. If you drill down to the individual operating businesses, every business unit except for Servers and Tools suffered from lower operating profits. The Client division (Windows) took the biggest hit, with… Read More

  • New In Google Talk: Embedded Videos From YouTube And Google Video

    I just received a Google Talk chat message from Orli Yakuel that contained an embedded YouTube Video. Turns out Google is testing a feature that automatically turns direct links to YouTube videos copied into the instant messaging application (seems to work only from within Gmail, not the desktop client) into embedded clips. Update: it also works with direct links to videos hosted on Google… Read More

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