• Quit freaking out over HP's Mini 1100 series

    So the blogosphere is a buzz because someone found a BRAND NEW Mini series from HP. The fact of the matter is that it’s not an entirely new series. It’s still based on the Mini 1000 series but it now has an ExpressCard slot, which I don’t think is that big of a deal. Everything else is the same based on spec sheets. Read More

  • As Growth Flattens, Digg Downsizes

    On a day when Microsoft announced 5,000 layoffs, the 7 or so people losing their jobs at Digg may seem like a drop in the bucket. But that represents about about 10 percent of Digg’s 75-person workforce, whereas the 5,000 at Microsoft represents 5 percent. We have added Digg to our Layoff Tracker. This move follows layoffs last October at sister company Revision3, which was also founded… Read More

  • Limited edition $600 hand-painted Chumby

    Is $599.95 too much to spend for a hand-painted Chumby? Maybe not if you’re a die-hard fan of artist Sara Antoinette Martin. She painted five (yes, five) Chumby devices by hand, which are now being sold in the Chumby.com store for $599.95 each. Read More

  • Microsoft cutting 1,400 jobs

    Microsoft is cutting up to 5,000 jobs in the next 18 months starting with 1,400 today. Cuts will happen in R&D, marketing, sales, finance, legal, HR, and IT – presumably all in back office staff and no cuts in any of the real revenue bringers. Read More

  • The only way to sell a 1990 Lincoln Town Car: Sex [NSFW]

    What’s a girl to do when she’s moving to Amsterdam and can’t bring her Town Car with her? Sell it on eBay with help from her daddy’s digital camera and her mothers genes. What else? After all, how the hell else are you going to sell a gigantic, V8 Lincoln from the Bush Sr.’s term? We just wanna know one thing though: Can herpes survive on leather seats? More NSFW… Read More

  • English Premier League sets its sights on illegal match streams, P2P

    The English Premier League (or Barclays Premier League, as it’s officially named) really hates violation of its intellectual property. That is to say, a lawyer gets its wings every time you watch a Premier League game online, either on one of those live streaming sites like Justin.tv or Ustream, or using one of those P2P applications like TVAnts (which I got running on my MacBook the… Read More

  • Expensive Knock-off Robowatch! Transform!

    Takara Tony has relreleased one of the defining gadgets of my childhood, albeit in a considerably less cool form. The Chrono Label comes in Destron and Autoceptor styles and has a front display that can display full letters and numbers. Why? I don’t know. Read More

  • Circuit City's Canadian operation to get auctioned this week

    Circuit City’s Canadian operations have been in question ever since the US locations started showing signs of death. CircuitCity.com had previously stated that the Canadian locations would operate normally but that doesn’t seem the case as all 765 stores are headed to the auction block this week. The Source, as the stores are called in Canadaland, were previously purchased from… Read More

  • Lenovo teases you with their oversexed IT workers

    Who ever said having a dual-screen laptop that looks like a tank wouldn’t get you a little strange? Lenovo seems to think so and is saying as much in what amounts to some sort of internal test advertisement for the W700ds, a dual-screen laptop so massive that it should just be called a desktop PC. Read More

  • Huawei's Android phone to be shown next month

    Huawei’s Android handset might drop during the original first half of 2009 time slot instead of the 3Q 2009 some reported. The maker will at least show it off at next months Mobile World Congress, with production hopefully starting shortly there after. *fingers crossed* We don’t have any other details including if the phone will be a touchscreen-only, keyboard-equipped, or the… Read More

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