• Tap Tap Revenge For iPhone Launches Late, Surges Up App Store Rankings

    Tap Tap Revenge, a Guitar Hero-like game for the iPhone where the user taps colored dots in time with the beat of a song, is surging up the iPhone App Store rankings despite having launched a few days after most of the original apps. The game, which was released by new startup Tapulous, is currently number 7 on the list of top free applications overall (ahead of AOL Radio and MySpace Mobile)… Read More

  • How Many Silicon Valley Startup Executives Are Hopped Up On Provigil?

    Is someone you work with taking Provigil to give them an extra competitive edge? I’ve spoken with one executive who says he uses it regularly to work twenty hour days, and the buzz lately is that it’s the “entrepreneur’s drug of choice” around Silicon Valley. Over the last week two separate entrepreneurs have mentioned it casually in conversation, and one said… Read More

  • Security Exploits Move To Microprocessor Bugs

    At the upcoming HackInTheBox conference in Malaysia, security researcher Kris Kaspersky will demonstrate how bugs in microprocessors can be exploited to take control of local machines and servers. Commonly security holes have involved exploiting flaws in software applications, such as developer errors made in bounds checking (buffer overflow), input filtering or user access etc. But with each… Read More

  • Google/Viacom Agree To Preserve User Anonymity In Data Shakedown

    The Google-Viacom showdown over the handover of YouTube user data appears to be over. The two sides agreed to changes in a previous ruling that would have required Google to hand over user id’s, IP addresses and a list of all viewed YouTube videos to Viacom in connection with their ongoing copyright infringement litigation. After an online uprising against the order, Viacom tried to… Read More

  • Open Source Laptop Tracking With Adeona

    There are currently numerous commercial laptop-tracking solutions, most of which register the laptop with a central server and then report back periodically. Tracking solutions are often used when a laptop is lost or stolen, where users are able to disable the laptop remotely, take a log of user activity or take a photo using a built-in webcam whenever there is unauthorized usage. Adeona is… Read More

  • Google Bucket Testing New Digg-Like Search Interface

    Google has experimented with search features that let users vote on search results, and/or recommend other results than those given, since late 2007. They generally bucket test these features (meaning some small percentage of users, randomly chosen, see them), and if testing goes ok, they move them into the optional experimental area where any user can add them. One of our readers, Adrian… Read More

  • YouSendIt Closes Its $14 Million Series C Round

    YouSendIt has raised an additional $14 million in a Series C round led by Emergence Capital and all existing investors, including Alloy Ventures, Sevin Rosen Funds, Cambrian Ventures and Sigma Partners. The round brings YouSendIt’s total to $34 million. YouSendIt is a file delivery service with over 7 million registered users. The funding will be used to grow subscriptions, and to… Read More

  • TuneUp's iTunes Helper Launches To The Public

    TuneUp, the iTunes plugin that uses digital fingerprinting to help clean up your iTunes library, has launched to the public. The plugin is currently available to Windows users, with a Mac version expected this fall (annoying, by the site’s own admission). You can download it here. Users can get a free version of the software that limits them to 500 song tag cleanups and 50 album… Read More

  • LED emoticon for cars threatens evolution's greatest success: The middle finger

    You know when you pull up to a 4-way stop sign at the same time as three other cars? The driver of one car waves along the driver of another while the two other cars start inching forward. After some combination of car-lurching and arm-waving everybody gets through the intersection on their merry way. Usually. Occasional fender benders are inevitable as are the close calls. For the latter… Read More

  • Radiohead Partners With Google For Music Video Launch

    Google has partnered with Radiohead to promote the band’s music video for the song “House of Cards” from the album In Rainbows. It’s definitely not your average video considering that there were no cameras or lights used: it’s all data. The video uses real time 3D recording, utilizing structured light and laser-enhanced scanners. Google is hosting the… Read More

  • Y Combinator's Slinkset Launches Hosted Reddits For The Masses

    Three years ago, Paul Graham and his Y Combinator incubator funded Reddit, a social news site that has grown to over 2.5 million unique visitors a month. Reddit has never been able to match the success of Digg, its closest competitor, but in 2006 it got its payday after being acquired by Condé Nast/Wired for an undisclosed amount. Now, it seems that Y Combinator is hoping that lightning… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless joins the act to ax taxes

    Following last week’s announcement by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, that he wants to end unfair taxes on wireless products and services, Verizon Wireless issued a statement “applauding” the senators work. And sounding like a-know-it-all. Steve Zipperstein, vice president and general counsel at Verizon Wireless, said in a statement: “Verizon Wireless has always said… Read More

  • Some more upcoming Xbox 360 features

    I may have just fallen in love with my Xbox 360 all over again. Major Nelson has been sent a letter from Xbox LIVE’s general manager Marc Whitten outlining a few new features that’ll be released for the Xbox 360 console later this year. They are… Read More

  • Tiffany doesn’t stop others from faking it with eBay

    EBay was found today to not be responsible for allowing the sale of counterfeit items. Tiffany and Company initially filed the lawsuit in 2004 after a study they conducted determined a high rate of fakes being sold under the Tiffany brand. The ruling issued by Judge Richard Sullivan of the Federal District Court in Manhattan is a major victory for the online giant, as they do not have to… Read More

  • Share Those ScrnShots

    We love screen shots here at TechCrunch. They can really help readers visualize how a brand new Website looks and feels without actually having to go there. But for those whose appreciation rises to the level of obsession there’s ScrnShots, a Website for uploading, sharing, and talking about screen shots. Of course, you can upload and share screen shots on plenty o existing services… Read More

  • NBC Olympics Coverage Web Ad Inventory Almost Sold Out

    On Friday we wrote about how NBC were partnering with Microsoft and others to use the Olympics coverage as a test-bed for researching new user habits in viewing content between online, television and mobile. The web experience at NBC is powered by Silverlight, also giving Microsoft its first large-scale opportunity to gain distribution for the new web platform. It seems that there are very… Read More

  • Live: EA press conference

    Oops! That’s all. We’ll set up a gallery with the shots in a second.
    New game is called Rage and it’s a combination “Action, exploration and driving” game, says John Carmack.
    Devin taking over.
    EA has teamed with id Software.
    4:19 Left 4 Dead shipping…on PC and Xbox 360. Gameplay is different every time. “Director” dynamically changes atmosphere… Read More

  • Complete ‘Rock Band 2’ set list announced

    Here’s an update to today’s earlier post — just got this press release. It’s the full track list for Rock Band 2. Peace Sells by Megadeth? Where’d You Go by the Bosstones? Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi? Looks pretty sweet. I can’t wait. Read More

  • Paranoid people will soon toss out their color laser printers

    A report that came out today says a majority of color laser printer manufactures are using technology that leaves microscopic yellow dots on the pages you print. The information in the yellow dots varies, some have just the serial number of the printer and others also have the date printed. Since color laser printers are coming down in price we are starting to find them in more homes, which… Read More

  • EA's press conference: Live in 20 minutes

    We’re about to go live at EA’s big press conference here at E3, at the Orpheum Theater. They’ve got a ton of stuff lined up to show, I’m pretty sure, judging from the assets they gave us. Expect to hear some stuff about: Crysis:Warhead Left 4 Dead Mirror’s Edge NBA, NCAA, and NHL 09 Red Alert 3 Rock Band 2 Spore And many others as well as probably some… Read More

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