Want To Know How You Rank As An Entrepreneur? Take The Founder Institute Test

It was just over a year ago that Adeo Ressi launched the Founder Institute, a very early stage startup incubator. Since then they’ve expanded the program well beyond Silicon Valley.

Affiliated programs are now available in 11 cities around the world – with Houston opening up now. The Houston semester will be run locally by the Managing Partners of Enterprise Builders. Applications for the Houston program are due by August 22.

Applicants are required to take an aptitude test that ranks them against other applicants. The test scores IQ, aptitude and personality. In Silicon Valley, 79 of 250 applicants were ultimately approved, and 41 companies were formed.

Ressi says the test is very good at predicting high quality entrepreneurs. 27% of accepted entrepreneurs perform worse than expected in class. 57% perform as predicted, and 16% perform better than predicted.

Want to see where you rank as an entrepreneur? For the first time the Founder Institute is offering the test to anyone that wants to take it, and they’ll tell you how you ranked against other applicants.

Take the test here – apply now and the test will be sent out on August 3. The application takes a couple of minutes, the test about 40 minutes. I’ll be taking it and will post my results as well.

Update from Robin Wauters: in the interest of full disclosure, I’m one of the mentors for Founder Institute’s Fall 2010 Brussels program.