• SmallTown.com: Small Town Reviews, in Flash

    Almost a year after taking $3 million in funding from Menlo Park’s Formative Ventures, SmallTown.com is launching its Flash site for small town local reviews tonight. I personally find this much Flash annoying but the site might catch on with users who like the look and feel. The San Mateo company wants to provide a visually rich site for reviews and listings of businesses that don’t… Read More

  • Ten Things I Wish IE 7 Was About to Deliver

    Contrary to some reports, Internet Explorer 7 will probably not roll out automatically to Windows users in tomorrow’s Patch Tuesday update; it will come out some time after Thursday according to indications from the IE 7 team blog. One way or the other now seems like a good time to give it a look. There are some much needed improvements in the Beta version of IE. Most of those were appear… Read More

  • Konami's Digital Life Lineup

    Konami's Digital Life Lineup

    Digital Life is just around the corner, and for those of us who live and breathe video games, it’s a damn exciting time. Other than Wii remotes flying around and functioning Playstation 3 units(hopefully), you can expect game developers to bring some highly anticipated titles to the show floor. Right now, there is one game almost every gamer out there is waiting for: Konami’s (and… Read More

  • Google Buys YouTube for $1.65 Billion

    Since Google Video generally is the suckage, Google has gone and done what any giant corporation with a metric butt-load of cash would do: instead of fixing its problem, it went shopping for a replacement. And the result is Google owning YouTube at a cost of $1.65 billion. This acquisition has been churning in the rumor mills for a couple of weeks, but now it’s official. It’s also… Read More

  • Google Has Acquired YouTube

    Google Has Acquired YouTube

    Moments ago the deal was confirmed. In their largest acquisition to date, Google has acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in an all stock transaction. Both companies have approved the deal, which should officially close in the fourth quarter. YouTube’s 65 employees will remain with the company at YouTube’s San Bruno headquarters. Details are also emerging that Yahoo was in the bidding… Read More

  • Is Fox a Factor in the Google/YouTube Deal?

    Notably absent in the slew of content deals announced by YouTube today is any announcement of a Fox relationship. That’s because there isn’t one. A source inside of Fox, which owns MySpace, tells us that they were surprised that Google was aggressively pursuing a deal with YouTube, given Google’s nearly $1 billion advertising relationship with MySpace. MySpace views YouTube as a… Read More

  • Sequoia could take $480 million from Google/YouTube deal

    Sequoia could take $480 million from Google/YouTube deal

    Update: The deal was just announced; Google has purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion – all in stock. The Wall St. Journal (subscription required) was among several sources this morning who reported that an announcement between Google and YouTube could come later today. The WSJ also confirmed an estimate that Sequoia Capital holds roughly 30% of YouTube, something we had previousy speculated… Read More

  • Columbus Day!

    Columbus Day!

    Well kids, it’s Columbus Day and we’re cutting out early to get sloshed and pass out in pools of our own vomit. It’s the calm before the storm really. We’ll be covering Digital Life in full force, so stay tuned for all of that noise starting Thursday. Anyway, be good tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow. Read More

  • Battle Test: Samsung NV3

    Battle Test: Samsung NV3

    Oh man I love this camera. I’ve had it for a handful of weeks now and it’s become an absolute staple of my pocket. Now admittedly, I haven’t tried every point-and-shoot, pocket camera on the market, but I’m going to venture a guess that the Samsung NV3 is probably the best one to be had. Read More

  • Samsung YP-T9 Hits the USA via Best Buy

    Samsung YP-T9 Hits the USA via Best Buy

    Best Buy is now stocking the new Samsung YP-T9 DAP player on its website for $199.99. That’s a pretty good deal when you consider it holds about 1,000 songs and plays back mp4 video for the same price as a music-only 4GB iPod Nano. It also features a bigger screen that Apple’s offering, an FM tuner and works with PlaysForSure. Sadly, it’s not the Bluetooh-enabled version… Read More

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  • Windows Mobile "Crossbow" Screenshot on The Web

    Many PDA and smartphone lovers prefer Windows Mobile over Foldger’s Crystals, and they’re all in a tizzy about the next generation of the OS, currently codenamed “Crossbow.” When it hits the streets, it will likely be called Windows Mobile 6, and based on this leaked pic from MS Mobiles, it looks pretty slick. The Web 2.0-esque look seems very Vista-rific, and word around… Read More

  • MySpace gives a glimpse to the potential power of social networks

    MySpace gives a glimpse to the potential power of social networks

    In recent months, the online hangout for over 35 year olds, MySpace has taken a more active role in promoting social causes. For example on September 21st MySpace (Europe) partnered with Bono’s latest venture Red in a joint campaign to eliminate Aids in Africa. Jamie Kantrowitz, senior vice-president for marketing and content at MySpace Europe, said: “Our partnership with Red is a… Read More

  • Brando Twister Hub: A USB Hub, Except It Twists

    We know, we know, it’s just a freaking USB hub. But if you’re the type to care about design, then this four-port hub probably deserves a spot on your desk. Each USB 2.0 port can swivel 180 degrees, letting you basically choose your angle of insertion, which is definitely worth the $26 for the device. Brando USB Twister Hub [Product Page via Ubergizmo] Read More

  • Wii Sensor Bar Useless In The Sunlight?

    Wii Sensor Bar Useless In The Sunlight?

    Well, this could be a problem. I was planning on buying a Wii the day it comes out, and I probably still will, but I will be mucho unhappy if this little rumor is true. A poster in the Nintendo Insider forum writes: We know that the sensor bar goes all wonky when halogen lights are in the room. But did you know that natural sunlight messes it up too? That’s right, if you have the sun beaming… Read More

  • ComputerShopper.com: Print Magazine Gets Web-rific

    Warning: Shameless plug ahead. Computer Shopper magazine, the print publication that was nice enough to pay me to write about technology for the past couple years, has relaunched its Web site. Once a fairly anemic site simply rehashing the magazine’s content, it’s been transformed into a pretty slick-looking, information-packed site. Please stop by, tool around a bit and let them know… Read More

  • Palm To College Kids: You Need Treos

    In an effort to fight irrelevancy amongst college students (my words) Palm is giving Treo 700wx smartphones to college students participating in the Microsoft Student Partner program. Students will use the Treo 700wx, Sprint’s first Windows Mobile-based Treo smartphone on the Sprint Power Vision Network, to promote the benefits of mobility and create greater awareness of the Palm Connected… Read More

  • Ready Steady Vote.

    Ready Steady Vote.

    The nominees for the 3rd annual “Website of the Year 2006” have just been announced today. Beginning today through December 1, UK internet users can vote for their favourite websites by ranking the nominees content, navigation and design. Website of the Year is a pan-European people’s-choice award initiative run by online research agency Metrixlab and supported by… Read More

  • Google, YouTube sign more separate deals; NYT says acquisition announcement could come tonight

    Google, YouTube sign more separate deals; NYT says acquisition announcement could come tonight

    Update: The NYTimes is now reporting that according to people involved in the talks, Google and YouTube will have separate board meetings today to approve a deal between them and could announce an acquisition after trading ends. Acquisition was not yet among this morning’s early announcements, but several more content deals were unveiled today between Google, YouTube and big content… Read More

  • Xploder is Coming to America

    Xploder is Coming to America

    Blaze Games announced today that it would be releasing it’s Xploder HDTV package in the States. The system allows PS2 users to upconvert PS2 games for use with HDTV. Compatible with over 95% of all PS2 games, the Xploder HDTV Player is a unique software utility that unlocks the inherent High Definition capabilities of PS2 games – providing gamers with 480p, 576p, 720p and 1080i HD… Read More

  • The Nokia Concept

    The Nokia Concept

    Nokia is showing off a new concept phone called the Aeon. The phone will feature a glossy touchscreen surface. It is somewhat similar to that Synaptics phone we reported on back in August. No details on specs at this point. Nokia Aeon concept phone [uberphones] Read More