• Pimp my TI-84

    This enterprising individual appears to have LED-ed out his graphing calculator. Why, you ask? Because you need to be in character when you play Drug Wars. White and Nerdy!
    [via Hack a day] Read More

  • Check Out Diggnation Today In BitGravity's Multiview

    If you were intrigued by BitGravity’s Multiview product that allows viewers to choose from six different camera angles as they watch an event, check out episode 177 of Diggnation today at 3 pm PST. The regular “director’s cut” will be shown at at Diggnation.com. The customized version will be available here on the Revision3 website. We’ve got a few screenshots… Read More

  • Nerf Lancer proves that Americans CAN rebuild

    Look at this, people. This guy turned a toy chainsaw and a nerf gun into a full-bore GoW Lancer complete with lights. Why did this boy from Newmarket, Ohio do it? Because he could. Because he’s great. And because this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in months. Take a look at the final gun after the jump. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Buy one Dodge Ram, get one free???

    If someone is/was actually able to get this deal, please let us know. Consumerist.com has found a Miami-area ad apparently promising a free  Dodge Ram Single Cab when you purchase a Dodge Ram Quad Cab 1500 at – get this – the dealer’s full list price which, according to the fine print, is the MSRP plus “dealer installed equipment.” Oh, and you have to finance… Read More

  • Rumor that is probably true: Samsung is going to cut DLP prices

    The holidays are approaching and consumers that still have available balance on their credit cards are going to be looking at all those fancy flat screen TVs. But the larger models are still pricey. Samsung still makes and sells DLPs – ‘member those? – that offer a huge HD picture at an affordable price. According to HD Guru’s industry sources, the company is set to… Read More

  • Inexpensive 19-inch LCD actually looks pretty dapper

    In the realm of cheap monitors, AOC is looking to differentiate itself from other 19-inch LCDs with $159 price tags by serving up a smooth piano black finish and a “single post stand” in lieu of a clunky monitor base. So, yes, the AOC F19 is a pretty good-looking display if you’re looking for something inexpensive. What’s under the hood, though? Read More

  • Doro HandleEasy cell is a good option for your sausage-fingered uncle

    That’s a bit of a grotesque-sounding headline, isn’t it? But it’s true. This handset is one of those designed for older people with limited manual dexterity and no experience with mobile phone technology. It’s got a simple layout and basic high-contrast screen, easy-to-set quickdial buttons, and no features to speak of other than text messaging and an FM radio… Read More

  • A CrunchDeals reminder: Verizon's New Every Two works with the Storm

    Just in case your Verizon contract has the New Every Two feature that allows you to get $100 bucks off a new mobile phone every two years, you could score the Storm today for only $99 after the a $50 mail-in rebate. Not a bad price for BlackBerry’s dreary attempt at a touchscreen phone. Props to James Kendrick for pointing this out. Read More

  • Sharp looking at 10% reduction in production

    Sharp is looking at a 10% reduction in flat screen production in its overseas factories, a reaction to the cooling economy and a recent lawsuit for price fixing. Read More

  • SEC Gives Facebook The Greenlight To Go Beyond 500 Shareholders Without Going Public

    When most private companies reach 500 shareholders, they trigger an SEC rule which effectively treats them like a public company and requires them to some of the same reporting requirements. Google ran into this issue just before it went public. Now Facebook is quickly reaching that same threshold as it continues to hire and allows employees to sell shares to outside investors. But in a… Read More

  • Huge line and riots this morning at one NYC Verizon store?

    According to a Reuters report, there was 200+ CrackBerry addicts waiting this morning at the mid-town Manhattan Verizon store for the BlackBerry Storm and most of them were turned away due to supply levels. The report then states, The angry customers caused a ruckus and police came to restore order. Really? The police had to be called to calm down middle-aged suits? What’s wrong with… Read More

  • The Dell Mini finds its artsy side

    There is no doubt that the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and 12 are hot netbooks, but the standard digs are just a little too Dell. You know what we mean. Even the new pink and red models are still a bit pedestrian. But these new lid designs will certainly scream, “Look at me! I have a sweet mini-laptop and I’m in a coffee shop!” Available now. Read More

  • Apple stock back to pre-iPhone levels

    Apple experienced significant stock growth thanks to the iPhone, but even Steve Jobs & Co. are susceptible to the financial doldrums. The entire tech sector is chill’n on the poop shelf and Apple’s stock is following the crowd down the hole. For the first time since January 9, 2007 – the iPhone launched on the 10th – AAPL is below $85 a share. Even MacWorld… Read More

  • ‘Wii 64’ is a Nintendo 64-infused Wii

    How’s this for ingenuity? USA! USA! USA! In what can only be described as the ultimate in convergence devices, some guy on eBay is selling a Wii with a Nintendo 64 cartridge slot that actually plays real games. What’s most impressive is that the whole thing looks pretty natural, with the slight exception of the side panel jutting outwards a bit to make room for the N64 controller port. Read More

  • ASUS Eee Top PC's dropping in both 20- and 22-inch sizes too

    ASUS has plans to make its Eee Top PCs a big thing with yet more screen sizes. So far the company has announced a 15.6-inch version of the touchscreen PC, but now the company prez is stating that larger sizes will be available as well. We’re talking both a 20- and 22-inch version. Hopefully, by the time these things drop in the middle of ’09, the 1GB of ram and 160GB HDD will… Read More

  • America runs on Dunkin’… will China?

    Visit any Dunkin’ Donuts store nowadays and you’ll see signs that say something about how, in a blind taste test, people preferred the company’s coffee to Starbucks’. Yes, fine, the coffee is good, but have you tried the donuts? My God, are they delicious. I know it’s not “cool” to gorge on fried dough anymore, but try a plain stick, a glazed stick, and… Read More

  • Navigon surveys drivers; no morning nookie for better drive time

    In a absolute apparent ploy to pimp its products, Navigon sponsored an independent survey of 1,021 drivers and found that *gasp* people don’t like morning gridlock. Here are the results: 94% of those surveyed get stressed when driving on the highway 86% find themselves in traffic congestion during the morning commute 67% would give something in the morning to reduce commute… Read More

  • The male blogger's ultimate desktop companion: USB rechargeable shaver

    If there is one thing that male tech bloggers will profess is that sitting in front of multiple computer screens 14+ hours a day doesn’t exactly breed metrosexual hygiene. Certain daily tasks like shaving takes a back seat if we’re to be on top of the daily tech news. I’m not saying that we’re a stinky or dirty crowd, but come on, we are the faceless army of the Internet. Read More

  • Boom Bench: A bench that booms

    This odd bench promises one thing: to rock your ass off. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled bench with lots of speakers in it. You’re supposed to sit down, connect to the bench, and blast some LCD Soundsystem for all the oldsters in the park. Read More

  • Samsung releases the 1080p 2494HS SyncMaster LCD monitor

    Samsung has something special today with the 23-inch 2494HS SyncMaster LCD full HD monitor. It comes packing with HDMI, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, but most importantly, a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Not only does the monitor have DVI-D and VGA, but also a HDCP friendly HDMI input which will work nicely with computers, Blu-ray players, and yup, even Netflix via Xbox 360. The monitor… Read More

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