• Europe to get Xbox 360 price cuts this Friday

    Price drops! To Europe! This Friday! For the three or four of you outside of the US who read CrunchGear.com, we thank you. Here are the numbers; according to Xbox360Fanboy, Xbox 360 Arcade consoles will drop “to £129 (€179), 60GB Pros to £169 (€239) and 120GB Elites to £229 (€299).” And again, that’ll all happen on Friday. Read More

  • Audio Bone 1.0 'phones rattle your bones

    Does the phrase ‘bone conduction’ freak anyone else out? Today, GameChanger (such a clever name) announced the Audio Bone 1.0 headphones. These bone conducting ‘phones are said to be more comfortable and a healthier alternative than traditional earbuds or in-ears. Makes a bit of sense since they won’t irritate the hell out of me after an hour of use. I don’t know… Read More

  • Netbooks expected from Sony

    Laptop got a chance to speak with Sony VP of Technology Products, Mike Abary, and got him to admit that the company is working on a netbook, saying “Stay tuned… We are letting the pioneers in the market make the mistakes. Sony has to participate because consumers are our core competency.” I’ve spoken with Abary in the past and he’s a pretty straight shooter, so a line… Read More

  • The Joy of Tech explains how iTunes Genius works, kinda

    The Joy of Tech presents, How the iTunes Genius Really works… Cute, I guess. Then again, my sense of humor is so warped that what makes the average geek laugh may not have the same effect on me. What I would like to see is a proper, investigative piece into how Genius works. Apparently Apple isn’t too forthcoming on the ins and outs of it, so we may just have to accept the Joy… Read More

  • The LP-Z3000 1080p Sanyo projector might not look like much, but she packs a punch

    Behind that unassuming Sanyo exterior lays an impressive assortment of projection technology. The 1080p LP-Z3000 achieves 5:5 pull-down at 120Hz for baby-butt smooth video playback, while the incredibly high 65,000:1 contrast ratio busts out the blacks. The 1,200 lumens takes care of the brightness and two HDMI inputs, two component, one S-Vid, along with one composite handles the inputs. Read More

  • Logitech drops omnidirection computer speakers; calls 'em the Z-5

    The latest speakers from Logitech employ omnidirectional tech to fill your room with beautiful music – or the Rush Limbaugh audio stream if that’s your thing. No power brick need, these puppies run of USB (OS X or Windows) and even come with a remote with dedicated media functions. The Z-5 speakers can be yours for $99 when the set drops later this month. Read More

  • Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus: First iPod/iPhone dock with omnidirectional speaker

    There used to be a saying: when we’ve destroyed civilization in some calamitous war, only two things will still roam the Earth: roaches and iPod docks. Here’s another such dock, the Pure-Fi Express Plus from Logitech. To be fair, it’s the first such dock to offer an omnidirectional speaker. That means the dock, theoretically, sends sound evenly in every direction. So if… Read More

  • Zune to get wireless access at McDonalds. Do you care?

    The skinny: Internet provider Wayport is allowing Zune WiFi access in more than 9,800 McD’s restaurants.  Sounds great with the social networking and WiFi Marketplace, but Zune owners, would you ever view this access as something more than a novelty? Read More

  • Chad Hurley On The Future Of YouTube: We Will Conquer Every Screen

    YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley wrote a post this morning about the future of online video and YouTube specifically. Hurley notes that currently 13 hours worth of videos are uploaded every minute to YouTube (a figure we’ve reported before). And he predicts more of the same: more videos will be uploaded to the Web, more video creators will be uploading those videos, and more viewers will… Read More

  • Zune 3.0 software now available

    Zune fanboys; go and get your 3.0 software update and just like past updates, this one adds all the new Zune goodies to the older generation. That means the new software adds the WiFi Marketplace, FM tagging, and dynamic playlists to even that old sh*t brown Zune. Thanks Redmond!  Hands-on coming shortly. Read More

  • Panda: Open Source Video Platform For Websites

    Panda, an open source project, will let any site owner willing to do a little coding and integration work to allow user video uploads and playback. Think YouTube in a box. The software itself is free and will run on Amazon Web Services EC2, S3 and SimpleDB. You’ll have to pay for the Amazon services, but this is a nice step forward from a variety of existing paid services out there… Read More

  • Yes, Virginia, Infinity Ward will be the developer of Call of Duty 6

    Don’t worry, sports fans, Infinity Ward will be the developer of Call of Duty 6. Activision has finally confirmed as much, with the game currently scheduled to come out next year. Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty 4, one of the most popular games on Xbox Live during the past year. (It’s a little too “one shot, you’re dead” for my liking, but whatever.)… Read More

  • Android Phone, the G1, to Ship Mid-October

    A little birdy just dropped by CrunchGear HQ, bringing tidings of HTC Dream release dates in his little bird-sized satchel. They further confirmed the September 23rd announcement, cemented the rumors that there will be 3 different colors (all signs point to black, white, and brown), and then mentioned one little special tid-bit: the release date. Read More

  • Kenwood Japan updates its "Media Keg" series of portable media players

    Kenwood recently announced it will expand [JP] its “Media Keg”/ MG-E series of portable media players with a new model, the MG-E504. The company didn’t talk about plans for outside Japan, but at least it translated the menu into English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian. An international version doesn’t seem to be impossible. The device is nothing really… Read More

  • Casio Exilim EX-FH20: The wonders of 40 photos per second, videos at 1000 fps

    Those of you who need to take 40 photos per second and record movies at 1000fps should be thankful to Casio. The company’s newest camera, the Exilim EX-FH20, does just that, with its 9.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and 26-520mm equivalent zoom lens. Fancy stuff. And while it can take 40 photos per second in burst mode, these photos aren’t the full 9.1 megapixels, but only 7.1 megapixels. Read More

  • Social Gaming Network Acquires (fluff)Friends

    Social Gaming Network Tuesday announced that it has completed its acquisition of (fluff)Friends, a Facebook game that lets people adopt virtual furry friends and interact with friends who also have virtual pets. (fluff)Friends users can choose from a group of “fluff” pets that can be personalized to match the user’s personality. Once created, the pet can interact with… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 (DemoPit): MyJambi Founder Fetches Coffee For Other Startups

    Last week at TechCrunch50, a slew of great companies were showing off their services in the DemoPit. And although not all of them were able to fully show off how their sites could work on-site, one company, MyJambi, was lucky enough to do just that. MyJambi is a social marketplace where users can buy and sell services online without the use of anonymous service postings. Anything from… Read More

  • Don't Let Facebook Force The New Profile On You. Here's How To Get The Old One Back

    Don’t like the look of the new Facebook? Upset over last week’s mandatory changeover? You can do something about it, at least for now. If you really want to keep Facebook the way it was, just add the Facebook Developer application here, and then click on over to facebook via this link. Voila! You’ve got the old Facebook look and feel, and you can change back any time… Read More

  • Look.Fo Makes It Easy to Send Google Search Results

    TinyURL is the place to go if you have a long URL that you want to cut down for friends, but if you’re looking for a way to easily send Google search results to them without picking a specific page, Look.fo lets you send them an exact link to your query in a simple style: look.fo/your search query. I had the opportunity to try out Look.fo and it works as advertised. The page’s… Read More

  • WSJ: T-Mo Android announcement on September 23, HTC Dream late October

    The Wall Street Journal reports that T-Mobile will start selling the very first Android-powered smartphone in late October. (That is, of course, provided the world doesn’t descend into anarchy by then.) The paper cites “people familiar with the matter,” which is much better than citing “eh, just a feelin’ we have.” Look for some sort of official… Read More

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