• Apple Sold Twice As Many iPhones As Macs Last Quarter. And It's Closing The Gap On iPod Sales Too

    The quarterly numbers are in for Apple. And once again they’re very good. It was another non-holiday record quarter in terms of revenues and earnings. But the real number that jumps off the page is the iPhone sales. Let’s just say it: The iPhone looks well on its way to being Apple’s primary business. Last quarter, Apple sold 5.2 million iPhones. That’s a colossal… Read More

  • SIMbook takes SIM card concept and makes it much more work

    Oh I get it. It’s a SIMbook. Like how a SIM card that holds your phone numbers on your cell phone except it’s a phone book that you write phone numbers in by hand. Clever. Also weird, though, because if you understand how a SIM card works, you probably have a cell phone and, thus, no need for a handwritten phone book. Maybe you’re really into irony and going against… Read More

  • A new HTC Android phone surfaces on the rumornets

    We know that there are going to be dozens of Android handsets out there within a year, so why shouldn’t they start popping up all over the place? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that many of these phones will be as exciting as the Hero or Rachel, as this rumored HTC handset shows. It was natural with the G1, myTouch, and others that Android should start in the high end and work its… Read More

  • Video: If Man Walked on the Moon Today

    Slate.com did a wonderful job creating this video that clearly demonstrates how the TV media would cover the Moon landing if it happened today. You know the routen. First they would cut to a panel of “experts” and then cut to live cams. And of course, there would be reaction from Twitter. The only thing left out is Glenn Beck crying. Read More

  • Probably Not The Palm Pre Chart Roger McNamee Wants To See

    “You know the beautiful thing: June 29, 2009, is the two- year anniversary of the first shipment of the iPhone,” Elevation Partners (which owns a huge portion of Palm) co-founder Roger McNamee told Bloomberg in March. “Not one of those people will still be using an iPhone a month later.” A week from tomorrow is the big day for McNamee’s prediction. How’s… Read More

  • RSS is the new BetaMax, says Apple sales numbers

    The data from the Apple earnings call illustrates the difficult time RSS will have staving off micromessaging. Most telling was the turf the iPhone took out of iPod sales. Every one of those iPhone sales, no matter whether they are the new 3GS or the $100 3G model, reduce the reasons for syncing to a Windows or Mac box in order to bring down podcasts. As realtime accelerates, streaming text… Read More

  • Sonic Solutions looking to bring 3D movies to your home, no glasses required

    How badly do you want to watch 3D movies at home? Scale of 1 to 10, let’s say. I’m a 1—I patently have zero interest in 3D movies. (If I want to see a story in 3D I’ll go to Broadway to see a play. Bam, 3D.) I ask because there’s a company out there, Sonic Solutions, that appears to be ramping up for a major rollout of at-home 3D movies. Read More

  • The TRC ElectraShield in-line notebook surge protector

    Surge protectors are generally something that all of us have on our home computers, but leave behind when traveling. Mostly because even the travel options are large and a pain to use with notebooks. TRC seemed to have solved that issue with the ElectraShield. Read More

  • Create a Touchnote direct via ShoZu on the iPhone

    You may well upload pictures from your phone via ShoZu, so it makes sense for them to partner with an outfit that can turn those cute pictures of the family into handy little postcards for Grandma, right? Thus ShoZu and Touchnote , the mobile print-on-demand service, are partnering to enable ShoZu’s iPhone mobile application a way to print any photo and have it mailed to anywhere in… Read More

  • Six pack o' Star Wars bobble heads over at Woot.com today

    Star Wars fans with ample desk space may want to pick up a cool six pack of bobble head figures over at Woot.com today. The site is selling all six for $30 plus $5 shipping. Read More

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