• Gesture-based hologram interfaces: fun but still far from the living room

    As soon as crazy hand-based interfaces are mentioned, everybody’s mind goes to Minority Report — and for a reason: Spielberg made a point of having technology in the movie that was a logical evolution from what… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Red Faction: Guerilla

    http://static.themis-media.com/media/global/movies/player/flowplayer.commercial-3.1.1.swf If you’re new around here, you might not know that we have a bit of a mancrush on Yahtzee, the brains and vocal talent behind the Zero Punctuation review series. British accent? Check. Nigh impossible speaking cadence? Check! If we were ultra geeky 17 year old girls, we’d have Yahtzee… Read More

  • Groovy's SQL Switch: A Powerful Tool In The Quest For A Truly Real-Time Web

    The real-time web is shaping up to be the next online revolution, and as we saw during our RealTime CrunchUp earlier this month, it’s already begun. But there are still some things that are holding us back — for one, many services still aren’t actually real time, they’re just something close to it. That may work well enough for sites like Facebook, but as we begin to… Read More

  • Otherwise delicious-looking hamburger flash drive ruined by weird product image

    Please witness an 8GB flash drive in the form of a hamburger. It costs about $28, looks delicious, and is available from Chinavasion. Pretty straightforward so far, no? Read More

  • Ooyala Hits Profitability In A Crowded Market, Looking For A New CEO

    Silicon Valley based Ooyala, a service that manages video streaming for websites, hit an important milestone last month – positive cash flow. The company was founded by ex Googlers Bismarck Lepe, Sean Knapp and Belsasar Lepe in 2007 and has raised just $10 million in funding. And now they’re considering the hire of a new CEO, we’ve confirmed. Bismarck Lepe, the current CEO… Read More

  • Tinkerers tack third-party motion sensor onto the Toshiba TG01

    All accelerometers are not created equal. Some are more sensitive than others, while some are capable of working alongside other hardware. When Usuda Research Institute and Systems Corp started dabbling with the accelerometer in the TG01, it just wasn’t enough for their needs. What were they to do? Yell at Toshiba? Tuck tail and give up? Nonsense. Rather than bothering with the built… Read More

  • The Prime-8 Action Robot

    The Prime-8 is a cute robot from Bossa Nova that can shoot missiles and pound you and your loved ones into submission. It is based on the HREX robot. Read More

  • Google Listens, Gives A Friend-Only "Likes" Option In Reader

    It seems like just yesterday we were complaining about the lack of options for the new “like” functionality in Google Reader. Okay, it was two days ago. And Google has already responded. A new option in the settings menu of Google Reader allows you to “Only show “Likes” by people you follow.” It’s not quite the on/off switch that some people wanted for… Read More

  • RHEX: The hexapod robot

    The RHEX is a general purpose six-legged robot that can right itself and climb stairs. It can walk, run, and creep at almost any speed and it’s shown here clattering around on the floor and then climbing stairs. It appears the Read More

  • Someone Please Caption This

    This picture is great. And it’s just begging for some kind of caption. It was taken today at Microsoft’s MGX conference in Atlanta, where Windows President Steven Sinofsky and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage to reveal that Windows 7 was ready to be released to manufacturing. In other words, it’s done. But what on Earth are Sinofsky and Ballmer doing in this… Read More

  • Show Off: YouTube Now Lets You Share Just How Well Your Video Is Performing

    YouTube has always given you the chance to show off how well your videos are doing, but only to a limited extent. Aside from a star rating, view count, and of course, the infamous comments section, there hasn’t been an easy way to share more meaningful data with your audience — something that can make it harder for content partners to attract advertisers on the site. Tonight… Read More

  • Airlines begin to understand we don't want crappy in-flight entertainment

    Flying United the other day, I was treated to an episode of Top Chef on a stained 10″ CRT with wonky colors, listening to crackly audio on garbage headphones, unable to rewind, fast forward, or choose anything else. What a fun flight it was! It’s essentially the same thing as it was 30 years ago. Several revolutions in content distribution and they’re still probably using… Read More

  • iLuv updates its all-purpose audio system for this modern age

    iLuv’s been making iPod accessories for a while now, and while it doesn’t look like they’re in the mood to innovate (the thing is almost identical to similar items from years past), this versatile little audio system is perfect for apartment living. Radio, four CD/MP3-CD slots, SD card and USB drive, and of course iPod and iPhone support. Just run a cassette player through… Read More

  • The iPhone’s Competitors Have A Big Problem: Their Games Stink

    It’s no secret that gaming on the iPhone has been one of the main keys to the App Store’s success. You know it, I know it, and so you have to believe that all the competitors know it too. And yet, their actions would seem to suggest that they don’t know it. Because they keep building devices, operating systems and app stores to compete with the iPhone, that simply… Read More

  • CrunchBoard: Content Associate, PHP Developer, Search Specialist

    Its CrunchBoard time, so let’s take a look back at the recent job news. Super Secret startup MOBshop is looking for some serious coding guns for hire. They say MOBshop “will hit the intersection of mobile and physical worlds.” If your looking to get your name out there and do some networking, Card.ly lets you create some cool online business cards. It’s time to get… Read More

  • Review: Cresyn C750E Headphones

    This whole thing wasn’t very promising. When I got the Cresyn C750E $99.99 earbuds they came in a bland, non-descript package. The package contained the headphones, a carry bag, and 3 different size ear tips. Once the headphones were out, I noticed how well designed they were. The cord is thick, durable feeling, and relatively short (just less than 4 feet). You may think, “Short? Read More

  • MIT students developing electric car that can be recharged in about ten minutes

    http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/1243511167 Students at MIT are building an electric car capable of being recharged in about ten minutes. Granted, the kind of power that’s necessary to do that would be enough “to blow the fuses on 20 residential homes at once,” according to project team member and MIT student Radu Gogoana. Read More

  • Softball: Marc Andreessen Talks Tech At Fortune Brainstorm

    Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky is interviewing Marc Andreessen in an evening session of the Fortune Brainstorm in Pasadena, CA. Unfortunately Lashinsky didn’t ask any hard questions (um, Ning worth $750 million?). But among the softballs were a few interesting responses. Lashinsky starts the talk off on venture capital, of course, given Andreessen and Ben Horowitz’s new $300… Read More

  • Video: Look! An unannounced Kodak thingamajig

    Yes, this is a viral video and yes, I’m posting it. But according to the YouTube discription, Kodak is announcing the product blurred in the video on July 29. I’m guessing it’s a new pocket camcorder along the same lines as the Zi6. Any other guesses? Read More

  • Billboard Hopes Its API Will Be A Cornerstone For Music Mashups

    Earlier today came news that Billboard, the well known music analytics company, was repositioning its homepage to serve as a consumer-friendly destination for music fans rather than the B2B hub it had been before. Alongside the release, the company has informed us that it’s planning to make its API more accesible to developers, with the hopes that it will spur a new wave of… Read More

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