You Can Now Build Oculus Rift Projects In The Free Version Of Unity

Hey, you! Yeah, you! The one with the awesome idea for something that needs to be built in virtual reality!

Remember a few weeks back, when Oculus mentioned that its development tools would soon work with the free version of the Unity game engine, rather than just the $1,500 Pro Version?

It’s done. Oculus has just released a new build of its SDK, complete with support for Unity Free (v4.5.5 and up.) If you’ve got a Rift dev kit and an idea, there’s seriously no reason to not start building now.

The rest of the SDK’s changes are primarily behind-the-curtain performance tweaks, except for one big bullet point: Linux support. It’s labeled as “experimental,” so expect bugs galore. But if you’re on Linux and want to get in on the virtual reality fun without having to dual boot, it’s finally feasible. (You’ll still have to wait for devs to port their wares to Linux, of course.)

Oculus devs can view the full changelist here.