• Paul Carr brings NSFW column to TechCrunch Europe

    I won’t repeat too much of this TechCrunch post announcing that Paul Carr is to join the TechCrunch team. Suffice it to say that when I heard Paul’s popular column, NSFW, had been cut by The Guardian newspaper I lobbied to bring him over to TechCrunch and TechCrunch Europe. It didn’t take much lobbying. So from this Saturday afternoon Paul will be filing his weekly NSFW… Read More

  • BlackBerry Thunder appears in VZW's system

    Everyone, even your mom probably, knows that there is a new BlackBerry Storm coming soon from Verizon. It’s only a matter of time before RIM or VZW announces the updated 9550. CrackBerry just got a screenshot showing a curiously unannounced BlackBerry Thunder. Could this be the next Storm? Read More

  • Cautiously Optimistic: CrunchBase Q2 Report Shows Upticks In VC Funding and Exits

    Is the worst behind us? The broad worldwide recession hit the venture capital and startup communities hard last year. Memories of the NASDAQ meltdown and venture capital “nuclear winter” earlier this decade sent everyone into a tizzy as they feared a repeat performance—venture dollars froze and hundreds of thousands of tech workers were laid off. But it appears that the worst… Read More

  • Why Did Google Let Yahoo Run Off With Xoopit?

    Yahoo has acquired e-mail startup Xoopit for a reported $20 million according to multiple reports. The deal, which was first reported to be in the final stages of closing earlier this morning by the Wall Street Journal, is expected to be announced at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference as early as tomorrow. Xoopit essentially offers an easy way to organize and manage e-mail, having… Read More

  • Raptr's New Chat Client Helps Friends Get Their Game On

    It’s clear that online gaming is quickly becoming much more social, with companies like Zynga reportedly bringing in nine figures and the casual gaming market continuing to skyrocket. But there’s still one major problem that’s holding everything back: it’s often impossible to monitor which games your friends are playing and when, especially when they’re playing… Read More

  • Apple's Mesmerizing New Window Display, Featuring An Infinite Flurry Of iPhone Apps

    Earlier this evening I was walking down the streets of Palo Alto near TechCrunch HQ, when I stumbled across what is likely the coolest window display I’ve ever seen, unsurprisingly housed at the Apple Store. The display features a giant wall of apps flying by, accompanied by a massive iPhone that briefly displays a handful of featured apps for a few seconds apiece. As far as I know this… Read More

  • MySpace Music Appears To Be A Hit, Increases Traffic Tenfold Year-Over-Year

    MySpace may not be the hottest thing in social networking any longer, with visitor numbers and page views decreasing at an alarming rate, but apparently its free music streaming service MySpace Music is still something of a hit. According to Nielsen data (PDF) for June 2009, traffic to MySpace’s music subdomain has grown 190% since its launch in September 2008 and year-over-year traffic… Read More

  • Facebook Video: Now Serving 1 Billion Views A Month, Including This Amazing Zuck Impression

    For the last few months Facebook has been regularly posting promotional videos to its Career site, introducing prospective applicants to all the neat things that go on behind the scenes. Today they’ve uploaded one that’s particularly interesting, detailing the launch of the company’s Video feature. It’s been known for some time that Facebook Video was the result of one… Read More

  • Olympus reveals its new point-and-shoot line; I'll keep this brief

    I’ve made no secret of my abhorrence of camera companies releasing their stuff at midnight eastern time without letting us know, but behold my revenge! I’m only writing up one of the four cameras Olympus released just a little while ago. (Maniacal laughter) Read More

  • XING Launches OpenSocial App Assault On LinkedIn

    Despite being virtually unknown in the US, and still somewhat hemmed in by its core German speaking market, XING, the LinkedIn competitor, refuses to lie down. And like a scene from the Rocky movie, it’s going into training to become better, quicker and faster than the LinkedIn machine. Although let’s face it, it has it’s work cut out as LinkedIn is now worth over $1bn and has… Read More

  • Fujifilm drops a gaggle of point and shoots, plus an ultrazoom

    In the grand camera company tradition of releasing your products all at once, at midnight, Fujifilm has dropped a cartload of new gear on us this hot night, from entry-level point-and-shoots to a big ol’ ultrazoom. DSLRs and micro four-thirds cameras may be making that last genus extinct, but as long as there are Best Buys, there will be a market for that sort of thing. Let’s see… Read More

  • Tech Investor News Delivers Exactly What You Assume It Would

    As a writer covering the tech industry, there are a couple of websites and services that I would classify as downright essential for my job, including some VoIP/IM communication tools and my e-mail application of choice (Gmail). Apart from those, I consider an RSS reader to be such a vital tool for me as well, both on a private as a professional level. Add to that Techmeme, which has an… Read More

  • FedEx converts 92 delivery trucks to diesel hybrids

    I’ve said over and over again, along with a lot of other people, that hybrid technology would make the biggest environmental impact if used in delivery trucks, municipal vehicles, and mail trucks. Vehicles like these are often limited in range but are gas hogs that travel in low gears where hybrid technology can really shine. Plus, the fuel savings of even 10% can be immense when a… Read More

  • Disney Japan to launch movies on microSD cards in November

    Well, this is certainly a novel idea that I hope studios in the US will adopt. Disney Japan announced today that it would begin shipping microSD cards chock-full of Disney movie goodness with the DVDs themselves. Panasonic will provide Disney Japan with the pint-sized memory cards when the DVD/microSD combos ship in November for 4935 Yen. Said combos will begin with the Pirates of the… Read More

  • LocalBunny Gives Businesses Custom Twitter Bots, But It Longs For Old @Replies System

    Twitter has turned into a fantastic way for businesses to connect with fans, so it’s no surprise that we’ve recently seen a number of local establishments begin to actively promote their Twitter accounts to customers. It’s a win/win situation: customers can get in on special deals and discounts, and businesses get a direct line to their customer base to remind them that… Read More

  • That Fall Xbox Live update drops on August 11

    All of this drops on August 11. Games On Demand titles confirmed for 8/11 are as follows: Assassin’s Creed, BioShock, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Mass Effect and Sonic the Hedgehog. We’ll have to wait for the next update to get Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, Zune Video and 1080p Instant On. That is all. Read More

  • MindTouch Upgrades Collaborative Platform With Video And Developer-Friendly Tools

    Opensource wiki developer Mindtouch today has launched several new features in its opensource, wiki-like collaboration platform for enterprises. This includes the ability to add video to MindTouch wikis, package applications built in MindTouch for distribution, and stage content on wikis. MindTouch’s platform connects teams, enterprise systems, web services and Web 2.0 applications with… Read More

  • TechCrunch Europe Events And Initiatives Moving On

    As you may have noticed, over the last 6 months or so TechCrunch Europe has been running a fairly intense events programme across Europe. With our own, curated panel discussion and startup pitch competitions we hit Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin and Helsinki, among many others. Some events attracted as many as 300+ people and each one was live video streamed, usually putting at least as… Read More

  • Verizon to carry the Apple tablet?

    Here’s something to mull over while you get ready for bed. The Street is reporting that Apple will launch the highly anticipated (and rumored) tablet with Verizon. Now, we’ve heard rumors that Verizon could be getting a CDMA variant of the iPhone at some point in the near future, but no one in China has leaked such a thing. Read More

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