• Web Searches In Gmail Now Feature 100% Less Leaving

    I can’t stop drooling over Gmail Labs. It’s simply a great idea for expanding a product, without forcing all users happy with the current one to upgrade to features they don’t want. And tonight may be the best Gmail Labs feature yet: Google Search In Gmail. Yes, it may sound lame or obvious, but it’s a pretty kickass feature. Once enabled, it puts a Google Search widget… Read More

  • Nintendo DSi watches you go #1

    As I was doing my business at some establishment in San Francisco I noticed that the mirror above the urinal was warped. Upon closer inspection I found that it was an advert for the DSi. Needless to say it creeped me out. Read More

  • Should Google Be Paranoid About Losing The Android Name?

    The name “Android” is at the very core of Google’s mobile initiative. It’s even successfully gotten people to move away from calling the devices “Google Phones” or “GPhones,” something which seemed impossible prior to the unveiling. But Google may be in serious trouble of losing that name — or at least having to pay a hell of a lot of money… Read More

  • Battlestations: Pacific demo available now

    Just a friendly reminder that the demo for Battlestations: Pacific from Eidos and WB is now available for download on the Xbox 360 and PC. You’ll find in-game tutorials and the Divine Winds of Leyte mission from the US campaign. Island Capture and Siege multiplayer modes can be played in Skirmish, which allows players to “tackle multiplayer maps against AI-controlled… Read More

  • The Wolfram Alpha Demo Returns, This Time With Actual Footage Of The Service

    Yesterday, days of hype culminated in the unveiling of the Wolfram Alpha search engine, which made its debut at a presentation put on by Harvard University’s Berkman Center. Unfortunately the resulting video footage turned out to be an exercise in frustration (or boredom). Not because it was uninteresting, mind you, but because we couldn’t see the apparently innovative search… Read More

  • I Wish More People Bcc'd Us On Their Confidential Acquisition Emails

    Yesterday myYearbook CEO Geoff Cook reached out to FunAdvice President Jeremy Goodrich to talk about a possible acquisition. Based on certain assumptions, Cook said, he’d be prepared to offer $125,000 cash up front, $25,000 in consulting fees and $125,000 in MyYearBook stock. Goodrich emailed Cook back and bcc’d us with his response: no deal. I asked Goodrich, who I don’t… Read More

  • New Debaufre Aircraft-8 Chronograph

    Debaufre just announced their new Aircraft-8 Chronograph, and I have to admit. I want one. Vaguely B&R inspired, the square black case with the red hands on the sub dials just speaks to me. Add to that the 44mm case, sapphire glass, and the fact it’s available in either PVD black or stainless, and I’m sold. Read More

  • Aroxo's 21st Century haggling engine will target eBay

    Today Aroxo launches its ambitious play, aiming to create a brand new space in between online retailing and the auction model – specifically targeting eBay. This is, put simply, the thousands of years old process of buyers and sellers haggling over price put into an online model. But there is more to it that that, since it also brings pre-qualified leads to sellers who want to… Read More

  • Review: iPWR Backup Battery for iPhone and iPod

    Short version: The iPhone may be good at a lot of things – but one thing its definitely not known for is its good battery life. It definitely has better battery than some devices (we’re looking at you, T-Mobile G1), but it still pretty terrible. If you’re a heavy user, you’ll want a backup battery – but there are oh–so–many of them to choose from. Read More

  • Tomorrow is AMD's 40th birthday!

    Please join me in a celebration of one of the hardware world’s biggest movers on their 40th birthday. The last few years have been pretty rough on AMD, but they’re still rocking out and competing convincingly with their arch-rivals, Intel and NVIDIA. To celebrate their middle-age debut, they’re doing a couple contests, so if you want to win a new processor or video card… Read More

  • Review: Myine Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio

    Short Version: This good-looking, small internet radio receiver has the potential to fit right in with your home audio equipment. But those looking for a portable streaming audio device will want to look elsewhere, as the Myine Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio is tied to its remote control and doesn’t feature built-in speakers. Read More

  • Xobni Coming To The Blackberry (Leaked Pic)

    It’s been just one month since email startup Xobni got an investment from the Blackberry Partners Fund, which brought its total B round up to $10 million, and already it has a working prototype for an upcoming Blackberry app. Xobni executives were showing off the app at a Mobile Meetup in San Francisco last night, and the screenshot above found its way into my inbox (which is… Read More

  • WhitePages Bringing Their Mobile App To BlackBerry Devices

    Good news, BlackBerry users! Never again will you need to kludge around in your browser just to dig up a number or determine who’s behind the number that just called. Following the success of their iPhone and Android applications, WhitePages will soon be announcing the upcoming availability of a native BlackBerry application. It’ll still be a few days before the app makes its way… Read More

  • Research suggests Internet could run out of bandwidth in the coming years

    Will the Internet run out of bandwidth? That’s the concern expressed by an upcoming study, and it could mean the end of the Internet as we know it. Uselessly slow Web sites (think: YouTube, Hulu), Internet “brownouts” (“please wait: processing request”), and general mayhem could be the norm in just a few years’ time. So let’s freak out about it. Read More

  • Twitter Brings Search On Site To All

    For the past several weeks, plenty of my friends have had the new Twitter interface featuring both Search and Trending Topics on the main page, but I had yet to see it. Today, I log in to see that I’m finally special enough to get it as well — only to learn that it’s now officially been rolled out to everyone. Say hello to the new Twitter.com, it’s a lot like the old… Read More

  • Google just put ninjas into your iPhone

    I don’t generally check to see what’s new in apps when I’m prompted to update, but I’m glad I did. The latest Google app update put a ninja into your iPhone. We’re all doomed. Read More

  • Video: ArcSoft's SimHD super-upsampling shows itself to be real

    Earlier in the month, we reported ArcSoft’s SimHD technology, a video enhancement technology that supposedly could take DVD quality video and make it into passable 1080p. At the time, we were understandably skeptical, especially since the claims were accompanied by images that were extremely easy to fake. But SimHD rolled with it and just recently sent us this little reel showing off… Read More

  • Facebook Gets Three Times More Efficient At Finding Photos In Its Humungous Haystack

    With more than 15 billion photos (and 60 billion image files with replication for different sizes), Facebook eats up a lot of storage with its photo application alone. Members are adding 220 million new photos every week. Facebook currently has more than 1.5 petabytes of storage for its photos, and that is growing at a rate of 25 terabytes a week. Last year, Facebook spent an estimated… Read More

  • CrunchQuestion: Do you have sweaty palms? Have you tried Iontophoresis?

    I’ll admit it. I’m a sweat-hog. My palms have been sweating since childhood – I remember dreading the “sign of peace” handshake during mass at Catholic school – and I am 100% it’s mostly mental at this point but I still can’t shake it. So tomorrow I’m going to get Botox treatment, which apparently works for about 9 months. My CrunchQuestion… Read More

  • Xbox strategy chief quits Microsoft for Apple

    After 15 years at Microsoft, Richard Theversam has left his role as senior director of business, insights and strategy. Theversam accepted an education-related role at Apple’s European office. Between 2005 and 2007, Theversam was the director for platform and marketing for Xbox. Read More

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