• Verizon BlackBerry Storm commercial hits the airwaves

    Anybody who is considered the “geek” amongst their less tech-minded peers best look out. The BlackBerry Storm has made its way to the moving picture box, and they decided to go all Coen Brothers with the ending. For the next week or two, you get to deal with a constant stream of “Hey! Hey! You like computers! What’s on the other side of the Storm?!” from anyone… Read More

  • ArduinoBoy: A MIDI system in a Game Boy

    Arduinoboy mGB from trash80 on Vimeo. This haxor installed an Arduino Mini into a Game Boy case and then used a MIDI keyboard to play through the internal speaker. It basically turns the Game Boy into a synthesizer. The code is open so you… Read More

  • MySpace And HP Team Up To Help You Print Out Those Drunken Photos

    MySpace has partnered with computer giant Hewlett-Packard to introduce a number of new print options to the popular social networking site. Beginning in November, users will be able to click an HP-branded “Print” box embedded on their MySpace pages to access a printer-friendly version of any portion of their profile that can be printed from their home printer. The announcement… Read More

  • Facebook Rolls Out Live Search…Wait, Where'd It Go? Oh, There It Is.

    Update: Web search is now back, as is Facebook’s post about it. See our observations below. It’s been a long time coming, but it appears as though Facebook finally has begun integrating Live Search into its main search bar, thereby providing web search in addition to its preexisting profile search capabilities. The functionality appeared earlier today for users, only to… Read More

  • Gmail's Mail Goggles prevents you from sending drunken e-mails

    Oh, Google. The company has just launched Mail Goggles, a feature that helps prevent you from making a drunken ass out of yourself when using Gmail. When turned on (it’s an optional feature), it asks you to confirm that you really want to send an e-mail. By default it’s only active late nights during the weekend, when people are most likely to send embarrassing drunk e-mails. When… Read More

  • AMD splitting in two

    Oh my. Facing mounting debt and increasing costs, AMD is splitting into two parts: one to design chips and one to make them. The move is made possible by a $6bn infusion by two Abu Dhabi investment firms, an amount which will go a long way toward relieving debt and covering the cost of establishing the manufacturing arm (“Foundry” for now) as a workable partner. They’ll… Read More

  • BlackBerry Media Sync coming to Macs

    After years of clamoring from Mac users who feel a bit left out in terms of software support, it looks like RIM is finally getting on the ball. BoyGenius has managed to get his hands on an early edition of BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac, and all is lookin’ … well, early. It’s limited to playlist and music library syncing at the moment, without much in the way of video, photo… Read More

  • Mozilla Geode Released With Support From Pownce and Fire Eagle

    Mozilla has posted more information about Geode, the Labs plugin we foreshadowed yesterday that helps websites detect your current location. Geode is also now available for download here. Geode is a forerunner to Firefox’s future implementation of the W3C Geolocation Specification, a standard that (once universally implemented) will allow websites to serve up localized content and… Read More

  • Video: PocketSurfer 2R mobile internet device

      We’ve had brushes with the PocketSurfer mobile internet device in the past, but here’s a look at the PocketSurfer 2R – an update to the PocketSurfer 2. If you haven’t heard of the PocketSurfer before, it’s kind of an odd device as it uses a way-slow Vodafone GPRS connection as its data conduit. Read More

  • Google Reminds You That Knol Exists With New Policy Debates

    Google launched Knol, a monetizable Wikipedia, last July, and since then most people seem to have either forgotten about it entirely or decided that it will never be as good as its Wiki predecessor. Today the site is launching a new section called Knol Debates, and while I don’t think it will ever get me to use the site as a reference encyclopedia, it’s a great idea. Google… Read More

  • Michael Moore doesn't mind that his film Slacker Uprising is being downloaded illegally

    Famous director Michael Moore released his latest movie, Slacker Uprising, on that there Internet a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, for would-be viewers outside the U.S. and Canada, trying to download the movie results in a great big fail whale. And then the movie appeared on The Pirate Bay, where anyone can download it. Is this Mr. Moore’s doing, or the work of some busybody fan who wants… Read More

  • Guy likes his Roomba, writes a song about it

    Mr. Pitiful really likes his Roomba. So much so that he wrote a song about it… and made a music video for it. It’s actually from about a year ago but sometimes songs about robotic vacuum cleaners take time to develop a following. I haven’t written a song about my Roomba yet, but that’s mostly because it constantly gets tangled up in the ends of my area rug and I’m… Read More

  • zzzPhone gets Aaandroid!

    If you’ll recall, zzzPhone is offering “customized cellphones” straight from China with touchscreens and dual facing cameras. In short, these are bargain basement phones with some capacity for upgrade – the base model has been circulating in Asia and Africa for a few years now – and it was running some sort of mad Linux hybrid when we last left off. Now, however… Read More

  • Verizon BlackBerry Storm commercial hits the airwaves

    Anybody who is considered the “geek” amongst their less tech-minded peers best look out. The BlackBerry Storm has made its way to the moving picture box, and they decided to go all Coen Brothers with the ending. For the next week or two, you get to deal with a constant stream of “Hey! Hey! You like computers! What’s on the other side of the Storm?!” from anyone… Read More

  • European Union Directive could force Apple to re-design iPhone, iPod

    A new set of EU Directives could force Apple to re-design its iPod and iPhone in Europe. And if it did that, it might as well re-design them for every market, right? The Directives would force manufacturers to design their products so that batteries are easily replaces—unscrew one or two screws, flip a tab, etc. Seems the EU wants to make it easier for people to dispose of their old… Read More

  • Today's CrunchBoard ads

    It’s FREE ADS ON TECHCRUNCH UK THIS WEEK. Here’s how to get yours in. Here’s the CrunchBoard UK RSS feed and you can subscribe to the email newsletter here. Today’s crop of jobs on The CrunchBoard are…. Web Developer Nudge London Internet Senior Web Developer iFoods.tv Dublin User Experience, Interaction, and Interface Designer Director Enterprise Ventures UK… Read More

  • ZoomProspector Launches To The Public To Help Businesses Relocate

    ZoomProspector, the free site that allows businesses to search nationwide for the best places to relocate, has launched to the public. When we first introduced the site in April, we likened it to a Zillow for businesses. ZoomProspector rates cities across the country by a number of relevant criteria, including proximity to airports, commute times, demographics, or the availability of… Read More

  • Scary looking, sure, but this robot girl will help people

    While this little robot girl looks quite creepy—quite creepy—she actual has a noble purpose. She’s the handiwork of a group of Japanese engineers, and the big “wow” factor here is that the skin is made from flexible silicon. Combine that with her more than 50 motors and sensors and you have one reasonably realistic looking robot. Now, as to why I called it… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 4GB of RAM for $29 after rebate

    Time for an upgrade, wouldn’t you say? Fry’s has a 4GB memory kit for $68.99 with a $40 mail-in rebate. I hate mail-in rebates as much as you do but, hey, cheap RAM is good. The kit consists of two sticks of 240-pin DDR2 PC2-6400 memory and the rebate’s good until this Thursday, so get while the gettin’ is good. [Fry’s via dealnews] Read More

  • Gmail's Mail Goggles prevents drunken emailing – it will be big in the UK

    Wherever I go to Continental Europe, the locals always say that the Brits are great fun – but they drink too much. As far away as Dubai, hotel waiters are regularly fishing people out of the swimming pool late at night. They are invariably British ex-pats. We have a strange relationship with booze, which goes back to Gin-soaked “Mother’s Ruin” era of the 18th Century… Read More

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