• Apple Slapped With Patent Suit Over iPhone's Browser

    A month after being granted U.S. patent No. 7,441,196, a company in Los Angeles called EMG Technology is suing Apple for “the way the iPhone navigates the Internet,” according to a press release. The suit did not specify the damages EMG is seeking, but the company has hired a serious gun: Stanley Gibson, one of the lead trial attorneys who won the $1.35 billion patent… Read More

  • Sony's Crackle going to try its hand at original online content

    Sony is set to announce a re-launch of video entertainment network site Crackle today, with a roll-out of a number of new web shows including sketches by L.A. comedy troupe “The Groundlings”, a video game show called “The Jace Hall Show” and a five-minute talk show dubbed “Anytime with Bob Kushell” hosted by a Hollywood writer. Read more… Read More

  • HANNspree intros the HT09 – world's first 28-inch 1080p LCD HDTV

    Now that 1080p is the de facto standard for HDTVs, smaller sizes are slowly becoming available. HANNspree claims to have the world’s first 28-inch 1080p, full HD LCD with the HT09 that would be perfect for a videophile’s smaller rooms. Only a discerning eye should be able to pick out the differences between 720p and 1080p at this smaller size. That is if they aren’t… Read More

  • Xing CEO quits, replaced by former eBay drone

    A whirlwind of rumours surrounding Xing late last week implied that the talented Lars Hinrichs, co-founder and long-time CEO of LinkedIn competitor Xing, was poised to resign. Twitter was alight with the chatter but when I emailed Xing for comment, spokesman Thorsten Vespermann came out with a blog post and statement which seemed to suggest all was well. “There are currently some rumors… Read More

  • Opera Mini 4.2 now available for the G1 on the Android market

    Back in April, Opera released a technical preview of Opera Mini for the Android SDK. The version of the SDK it was developed for was far from the final version, so by the time the G1 was launched in October, the Opera Mini package wouldn’t even make an attempt at installing to the device. Love it or hate it, the G1’s built-in browser has been your only web-perusing option since… Read More

  • Another deal from Amazon: Xbox 360 Elite, The Last Remnant, 4,000 M$ points

    Oh goody, more Black Friday “deals,” this time from Amazon. They’ve got an Xbox 360 Elite (with 120GB HDD and Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones), The Last Remnant and a card for 4,000 Microsoft Points. Grand total: something. I don’t know, you have to actually be prepared to check out the final price. Let’s just say it’s probably cheaper than it… Read More

  • Dell adds 32GB SSD option to Mini 9 netbook

    So it’s not an official touchscreen option; this is better. Dell now allows Mini 9 buyers to spend $100 to upgrade from the standard 4GB SSD option to a 32GB solid state drive. Total price with SSD option installed: $449. Nice. Read More

  • A mesmerizing look at the Hatfield Hotdog Launcher

    Wow. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Hatfield Hotdog Launcher that’s brought out in between innings at the Phillies’ games. A lot of work went into getting all the science-y stuff right and even then, sometimes the hot dogs fly out of their wrappers mid-flight (watch at about the five-minute mark). Very cool. Read More

  • Touchscreen hack for the Dell Mini 9

    Some peeps love touchscreens and the Dell Mini 9 is the latest netbook to receive the upgrade. By using the USB lines from the Mini 9s PCI-e pins, the mod nerd semi-permanently attached an Ebay-purchased touchscreen. The results shown above are a bit janky, but at least it works. Definitely not prime-time ready, but still, kind of neat in a nerdy way. source via jkkmobile Read More

  • Samsung foldable OLED helps us live the dream

    No real data on what appears to be a prototype FOLED screen that can fold into a smallish cellphone but I want. Every since William Gibson described a computer that folded out like a butterfly in Count Zero I’ve wanted something like this. Read More

  • Wal-Mart's Black Friday ad posted online officially: $128 Blu-ray player

    Big bad Wal-Mart, which supplies Main Street with the cheap goods it needs to survive, today officially released its Black Friday ad. Whoop-dee-do. Wal-Mart wants you to input your zip code in order to view your local Black Friday ad, so your mileage may vary. My zip code popped up a Magnavox Blu-ray player (the NB500MG9) for $128; a $798 50-inch 1080i/720p Samsung LCD TV; $15 Blu-ray… Read More

  • Facebook Wins An $873 Million Judgment Against Spammers That It Will Never Collect

    On Facebook, the spam you get from friends is bad enough, but tolerable. The really bad stuff is actual spam, which more and more people are being subject to. On Friday, judge Jeremy Fogel in San Jose, California, awarded Facebook $873 million in damages against Adam Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue Capital under the CAN-SPAM act. (Ruling embedded below). It is the largest award under the act… Read More

  • Yubz Talk Mobile: Possibly the biggest telephone receiver for cell phones ever

    I am not really sure if anyone needs this but Tokyo-based design company Powershovel is selling a very special kind of telephone receiver [JP], you know, the ones you can only see in old movies. The devices, probably last used in the free world in the 1980s, are called Yubz and can be connected to most Japanese handsets. In fact, in the online shop [JP], Powershovel even claims the earpieces… Read More

  • Reevoo's iphone app comes into its own in the Crunch

    With over 20,000 reviews on under the company’s belt, Reevoo is a service that may be influencing what you buy, and what you don’t buy. Founded in 2005 (previous coverage here) the British based startup recently released an iPhone web app. A native application is yet to shows its face, so we’ll be taking a look at the iPhone web-app. Search for a product you may be interested… Read More

  • Xing's CEO Lars Hinrichs Steps Down, Denies LinkedIn Is Getting Any "Real Traction" In Europe

    Germany-based business networking service Xing today announced its CEO Lars Hinrichs will step down and be replaced by Ebay Germany head Stefan Gross-Selbeck effective January 15, 2009. Hinrichs founded the company in 2003 and led it to an IPO three years later at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange where the market cap is currently hovering at around $182 million. He will join Xing’s… Read More

  • Army to utilize $50M, next-gen FPS training system; 24-hour LAN parties imminent

    The Army has been using video games to train, and recruit, for years now but in true government fashion, the system is a tad outdated. The $50 million dollar upcoming shooter however, should feature all the goodies found in today’s latest games and more. The virtual worlds are going to be huge – like 100×100 kilometers – and will allow solders to drive vehicles, pilot… Read More

  • Is RPX's "Defensive Patent Aggregation" Simply Patent Extortion By Another Name?

    Patent litigation is getting so bad that a new startup, RPX Corp. (aka, Rational Patent) is gearing up to help companies defend themselves specifically against patent trolls (organizations that buy up patent portfolios with the express intention of forcing other companies to license those patents or face a lawsuit). RPX markets itself as a “defensive patent aggregator.” It buys… Read More

  • Mellotron: Eezer Goode even in the 60s

    BBG found this great video the Mellotron, a tape-based synthesizer that was all the rage with besuited musicians who probably finished this commercial and sat down for a drink or two and thought fondly of their days fighting Jerry. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pioneer Inno for XM Radio $179 (that's $70 cheaper than normal!)

    Should you still plan on celebrating the holidays this year—money’s tight, I know—then you may want to check out some of the deals the XM half of Sirius XM has going on. For example, you can grab the portable XMp3 player, which can record around 100 hours of programming, for $259, a full $20 off the regular price. You can also grab the slightly older Inno for $179, which is… Read More

  • zzzPhone goes Android for real this time

    zzzPhone, makers of the zzzPhone, have announced that their latest version now supports Android, making it what appears to the second Android phone in existence. The company has two of them in China right now and is taking orders for their $119 base model. You can add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, pico-projectors, television tuners, and a Hell’s Angel and his lady. Read More

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