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  • Zero Motorcycles CTO Abe Askenazi on the future of two-wheeled EVs

    Electric cars and buses have already begun to take over the world, but the motorcycle industry has been much slower to put out all-electric and hybrid models. TechCrunch recently caught up with Zero Motorcycles CTO Abe Askenazi, who has been in the motorcycle industry for about two decades, to get his take on what could make electric motorcycles the first choice for riders. Read More

  • A first look at the Alta Motors all-electric-motorcycle factory

    Motorcycle makers Alta Motors have opened the doors to their new factory in Brisbane, California, and TechCrunch was on the scene for a first look. A quick trip from downtown San Francisco, the factory is in a low and unassuming concrete structure. Inside, it’s surprisingly quiet, thanks in part to the fact that the motorcycles Alta makes are all-electrics, and final assembly of these… Read More

  • Zero Motorcycles Raises Another $17 Million To Make More Electric Bikes Domestically

    Zero Motorcycles in Santa Cruz, Calif. today revealed that Invus, LP, the company’s earliest financial backers, have invested another $17 million in the business, with potential to add $9 million more over coming months. The capital will go towards expanding the Zero’s U.S. operations, primarily, and towards expanding the company’s global sales efforts, research and… Read More

  • All Electric Bike Makers, Zero Motorcycles, Raise Another $2.4 Million

    A Santa Cruz-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, Zero Motorcycles, raised another $2.4 million in private equity, according to a new SEC filing. Earlier this month, California’s Scotts Valley Police Department started using the company’s Zero DS bikes in urban patrols. According to a company press statement, its Zero DS has a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) and is highway… Read More

  • Zero Motorcycles Kicks It Into Gear With $5.5 Million Series A

    California-based Zero Motorcycles has taken $5.56M in a Series A add-on according to an SEC Report, filed today. Investors in this round were not disclosed. The company previously raised $5M in April of 2008, bringing their total funding to just over $10.6M. Formerly Electricross, Zero Motorcycles specializes in high performance electric street and dirt bikes–the Tesla of the… Read More

  • Zero MX: electric motocross track bike

    Now that it’s summer and time to frolic outside, it’s time to ride dirt bikes, right? Of course it is, but let’s try and keep the environment clean and quiet this summer. Zero Motorcycles announced their latest electric motorcycle yesterday, the Zero MX. It’s built for the track with a beefy suspension specifically designed for “bigger jumps” and a 19-inch… Read More