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Why Cruise is making its own chips, and a lot more besides

Cruise never planned to make its own silicon. But in the quest to commercialize robotaxis — and make money doing it — those never-planned pursuits can suddenly seem a lot more appealing. Cruise re

EVs reigned during Monterey Car Week

Monterey Car Week — still the most exclusive automotive event on the calendar — concluded Sunday with the 71st running of its pinnacle display, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. But as antiq

In an EV world, Lamborghini knows it can’t rely on power alone

EV acceleration hit a new and interesting phase at the Monterey Car Week event that wrapped Sunday. Kia, (yeah Kia) showed up at the typically ultra-luxe affair with its EV6 GT, a new performance trim

Kindred Motorworks puts a modern spin on vintage car restomods

Owners of vintage cars know the deal. The “project” is never done and driving an old vehicle means dealing with mechanical failures, encroaching rust, old wiring shorting out and the continual hit

Polestar CEO sees value in EVs, even when they’re parked

In its five years as a standalone automaker, Polestar has placed into production two vehicles and announced the delivery schedule of four additional vehicles. The latest, the Polestar 6, is an electri

Acura’s vision for EVs is an SUV concept inspired by F1 and luxury Italian power boats

Acura is preparing for the EV future in the same way most other automakers are planning out their transition to electric car manufacturers, with an SUV. The awkwardly named Acura Precision EV Concept

Zoox robotaxi with supercar DNA rolls toward SF, Vegas, Seattle streets

The Zoox robotaxi has more in common with a supercar than you think. Look past the Zoox’s breadbox-shaped exterior and inside is the same carbon fiber cabin that can be found in a McLaren. “Yes, w

Elon Musk and Tesla need a Tim Cook

At some point, every company needs a Tim Cook. Today, that company is Tesla.

Lamborghini is still figuring out its first EV

Lamborghini Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann has no time for celebration, despite being at the helm of an automaker that posted an all-time sales record for 2021 — a milestone driven by demand fo

Lamborghini’s NFT scheme includes real-world space treasures

Lamborghini is dipping its supercar toe into the non-fungible token pool. But unlike the primate-based computer-designed Twitter avatars that have come to represent the NFT community, the automaker is

Here’s what happened when Mercedes-AMG got its hands on the all-electric EQS

First, there was the dense fog. Then there was the snow. But inclement weather couldn’t put a damper on the AMG iterations of Mercedes’ flagship EV or its latest generation SL. Performance

BMW combines M legacy and rock star aesthetic into a quick V8 hybrid SUV

BMW couldn’t mark the 50th anniversary of its high-performance M division with any ol’ concept vehicle. Instead, the German automaker tapped into a rock star aesthetic that would make Davi

What the Mini’s electric future looks like

The Mini, the diminutive and unexpectedly fun to drive car born out of the late 1950s fuel crisis in the U.K., is undergoing another revolution. This time, it’s being driven by climate change an

How BMW plans to corner the US scooter market with its all-electric CE 04

A weird thing has happened in the past two years. After years of decline, motorcycle and scooter sales have bounced back. That’s good news for BMW’s Motorrad division and its latest electr

Voltaiq is helping companies like Mercedes-Benz keep their EVs on the road

The Chevy Bolt recall was a huge and expensive setback for GM — and arguably the broader EV market. The sheer number of vehicles — about 141,000 — highlighted the fact that neither battery cell

First drive: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT and GT Performance offers unbridled and pricey fun

Let’s not discuss the Mustang Mach-E’s name. Not the Mach-E portion, the other part — the lineage of the pony car slapped onto an electric SUV. Those arguments are over. People have

Holoride’s in-car VR gaming system leaves the track for the real world

Holoride’s VR gaming system for passengers caught our attention a few years back at CES. The company is back, demoing two games and threw off the shackles of the track for the real world.

Zero’s FXE offers electric motorcycle fun in a slightly new package

Zero Motorcycles has been around for over a decade and in that time it’s consistently improved its fleet of electric bikes. With the new FXE, the northern California company has taken the thoroughly

GM’s newest startup aims squarely at the commercial EV market

In the next few years, you'll more likely see an electric delivery van dropping off your packages than an electric car in your neighbor's driveway.