TC Sessions Space 2021

How Rocket Lab questions the fundamentals of building both rockets and launch companies

"You've got to help create this environment that ultimately you want to participate and thrive in."

Kathy Lueders on Artemis, restructuring NASA and the lifecycle of the ISS

Kathy Lueders, head of NASA’s newly minted Space Operations Mission Directorate, joined us at TC Sessions: Space last week for a chat about the future of the agency and what she is looking forwa

In 2021, space investors watched stars form in real time

"Carl Sagan had it right, with Voyager and the pale blue dot: If you're anywhere else in the known universe, Earth is the most interesting place to study and be part of."

How to build a better rocket company

We spoke to three rocket makers who have either already launched, achieved orbit or are well on their way: Firefly Aerospace's Lauren Lyons, Astra's Benjamin Lyon and Launcher's Max Haot.

Bold visions and solid fundamentals are driving investor interest in space

Bessemer's Tess Hatch, Sequoia's Shaun Maguire and Hemisphere Ventures' Lisa Rich shared their thoughts on the active year that just passed and on what's coming next.

What to expect today — day one — at TC Sessions: Space 2021

Welcome to Day One of TC Sessions: Space 2021! Get ready for two full days of programming dedicated to the visionary people forging and funding a sustainable space economy — a little something we l

Beat the late-registration deadline and buy your pass to TC Sessions: Space 2021

Time marches on, and yours is running out if you want to attend TC Sessions: Space 2021 on December 14-15. If your passion and/or livelihood is rooted in building the space 2.0 economy, why the heck w

Don’t miss the mission-critical insights our sponsors bring to TC Sessions: Space 2021

With just a tad less than a week until TC Sessions: Space 2021 launches its massive knowledge payload, we’d like to take this opportunity to tip our space helmets to our sponsors. Yes, they write th

Hear NASA’s Kathy Lueders talk about the next stage of mankind’s push into space

We’re in the earliest stages of Artemis, NASA’s new push to establish an enduring human presence on the moon, and Kathy Lueders will be leading a great deal of this ambitious undertaking.

Last week to score late-registration passes to TC Sessions: Space 2021

There’s just one week left until TC Sessions: Space 2021 launches on December 14-15. If you haven’t secured your seat on this virtual mission that explores the trends, advances and opportunities i

DCVC Partner and space explorer Chris Boshuizen is coming to TC Sessions: Space 2021

For now, we can still say that the number of people who’ve been to space is vanishingly small. But with the new pace at which Blue Origin is sending private citizens up, that might not be the ca

Last chance to save $55 on passes to TC Sessions: Space 2021

Here today, gone tomorrow: The chance to keep $55 in your wallet disappears in mere hours. Buy your pass to TechCrunch Sessions: Space before 11:59 pm (PT) today. TC Sessions: Space dedicates two full

Beat the price hike and fire up CrunchMatch for TC Sessions: Space 2021

Heads up folks, as we shift metaphors (ever-so-briefly) from space to sports. We’ve got a news double-header for TC Sessions: Space 2021, which takes flight (we said it was brief) on December 14-15.

T-minus three days left to save on passes to TC Sessions: Space 2021

Countdowns aren’t just for space launches, you know. They’re also for serious savings on passes to the all-virtual TechCrunch Sessions: Space event which, no spoiler alert here, also includes expe

Blue Origin’s Ariane Cornell is coming to TC Sessions: Space 2021

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that Blue Origin had a banner year in 2021 — the company flew people to space for the first time using its reusable New Shepard launch vehicle. The company h

Get your pass to TC Sessions: Space now and save up to $100

What does it take to venture into outer space? A bold vison, nerves of steel and a giant cash payload for starters. Early-stage space startups can’t afford to waste any amount of money, which brings

Hear how growth investors spot space companies ready to blast off at TC Sessions: Space 2021

The space economy is booming and for the first time ever, there’s a fair amount of exit event activity. That should have later stage investors who focus on the area excited, and we’ll be a

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Kicking yourself for missing out on our Black Friday sale? Welcome to our no-regrets 2-for-1 Cyber Monday deal on passes to TC Sessions: Space 2021. Buy your pass before this sale expires on November

Our Black Friday discounts end soon — grab your $20 pass to TC Sessions: Space

If you celebrated the American Thanksgiving yesterday, you’re probably stuffed to the gills and barely able to move. Good news, though. It takes only a few clicks — no cardio required — to score

Engage with aerospace companies at TC Sessions: Space 2021

We’re almost ready to initiate the launch sequence for TC Sessions: Space 2021, which takes flight on December 14-15. This is a global space conference extraordinaire and as such, you’ll find aero
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