Alexandra Ames

Alexandra Ames

Director of Marketing

She has implemented experiential and digital marketing campaigns with brands such as RSA Conference, Qualcomm, Nissan, and Hyundai and has been responsible for event audience development and branding at TechCrunch since 2014.

The Latest from Alexandra Ames

TechCrunch Early Stage returns to Boston in 2024 for our annual founder conference

TechCrunch Early Stage — our flagship event designed for budding entrepreneurs and founders at the very start of their startup journey — returns by popular demand on April 25, 2024. And we’re ex

Make networking work for you at TC Early Stage

You might think networking is about flattering other people. It’s not. Networking is about you, your future, and everything you need to get your business connected at the next level. That’s why we

24 hours left to save $200 on TC Early Stage tickets

TechCrunch Early Stage is less than three weeks away from kicking off on April 20 in the Hub of the Universe — Boston. That’s just one of Boston’s nicknames. Who knew? But listen up,

Just 7 days until the TC Early Stage early bird flies away

Book your TC Early Stage pass before April 1 and save up to $200 before early bird pricing closes.

Submit your session idea for TechCrunch Disrupt

More than 10,000 people will flock to San Francisco on October 18-20 to attend TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 and honestly, we can’t wait to see every one of them in person. And, if you can’t be there IR

Look what’s happening online today at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022

Welcome to Online Day at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022! Opportunity knocks just as loud online as it does IRL, but this knock can be heard around the world. You’ll find everything listed in the event a

Tune in tomorrow for Online Day at TC Sessions: Mobility

The two in-person days of TC Sessions: Mobility may almost be in the rearview mirror, but we’re not done yet. We still have plenty of Mobility action and opportunity waiting for you at our online ev

Lime CEO Wayne Ting and former EPA administrator Carol Browner will be speaking at TC Sessions: Climate on June 14

A recent report suggests that moving fully to zero emissions could save California as much as $169 billion in public health benefits, not to mention the positive impact it would have on the environmen

Here’s what’s happening on Day Two of TC Sessions: Mobility 2022

How was your first day at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022? We hope you’re fully caffeinated and ready to roll because day two is packed with groundbreaking tech, opportunities galore and more top-notch p

Here’s what’s happening on day 1 of TC Sessions: Mobility

Attention mobility enthusiasts! It’s been three long years since our last in-person mobility event, but the day has finally come. Welcome to Day One of TC Sessions: Mobility 2022! Get ready for

Here’s how you can apply to speak at TechCrunch Disrupt

We’ve barely crossed into spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, but we’re already stoked about autumn or, more specifically, TechCrunch Disrupt. Our annual flagship startup-a-thon returns live a

48 hours left to save $200 on TC Sessions: Mobility

Attention mobility startups, professionals, investors and enthusiasts! You have just 48 hours remaining to save $200 on TC Sessions: Mobility 2022, our first in-person mobility event since 2019. The e

Want to attend TechCrunch Disrupt for free? Find out how

Fewer than 7 Days until TC Sessions: Mobility

We’re less than seven days away from TC Sessions: Mobility 2022, our first in-person mobility event since 2019. The event takes place on May 18-19 in San Mateo, California with online analyst commen

Volunteer at TC Sessions: Mobility for a free Disrupt Pass

TC Sessions: Mobility is back and raring to go big — returning live and in-person — for year number four. It’s a two-day deep dive featuring the best, brightest and most intriguing founders, eng

Partner breakout sessions will drop serious knowledge at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022

We’re less than two weeks away from kicking off TC Sessions: Mobility 2022. Our first in-person mobility event since 2019 — holy cats! — takes place on May 18-19 in San Mateo, California, follow

Only 72 hours left to save $200 on passes to TC Sessions: Climate 2022

We can’t wait to see you all in Berkeley, California on June 14 at TC Sessions: Climate 2022 (featuring the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals). That’s still slightly more than a month away

Don’t miss the roundtable roundup at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022

Two days of in-person programming awaiting you at TC Sessions: Mobility, including topic-focused roundtable discussions.

Amazon’s Joe Quinlivan discusses how building a robot army fueled its e-commerce dominance at TC Sessions: Robotics 2022

There’s an 800-pound gorilla in the warehouse, and its name is Amazon.  Back in 2012, the company bought Kiva Systems for $775 million and renamed it Amazon Robotics. The deal, in hindsight, was a

Climate countdown: 5 days left for early bird passes to TC Sessions: Climate 2022

Take heed budget-minded climate warriors. The climate countdown clock is ticking (in more ways than one), and you have only five days left to save $200 on a pass to our inaugural TC Sessions: Climate
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