Last chance to save $55 on passes to TC Sessions: Space 2021

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TC Sessions: Space dedicates two full days focused on the leading-edge technology, founders, creators, academics, scientists, investors and policymakers. We’ll dig deep and look at the very latest developments in topics like launch vehicles, on-orbit operations and servicing, the benefits of studying lunar samples and in-space propulsion systems.

Here are other examples of the interviews, panel discussions and breakout sessions we have in store for you. You’ll find everything listed, with dates and times, in the event agenda.

New Kids on the Launch Block — There’s a new crop of launch companies nipping at the heels of SpaceX and Rocket Lab, including Astra, Firefly and Launcher. We’ll hear from leaders of those companies about the opportunities in the evolving launch market and how they’re posted to take advantage.

Maneuvering Towards Better In-space Propulsion — What goes up must come down, but we can delay that second part a bit with better propulsion on our satellites and spacecraft. Leaders from Accion Systems, Phase Four and Morpheus Space are pushing the boundaries of in-space propulsion and will discuss the challenges and opportunities in changing how in-space assets move about.

Being There When Stars Form — At the earliest stages, space companies are at their riskiest. But these investors are willing to wade in and write checks to help those companies gain their footing. Hear from Space Capital, Techstars and Assembly Ventures about how they pick their winners.

Robots, Meet Regolith: A New Generation of Lunar Landers and Rovers — The moon is back on the menu with Artemis and a dozen other missions, and companies like Lockheed Martin, Masten Space and iSpace are building a new generation of robotic explorers and surveyors to roam around its surface. Hear how they design for the moon’s unforgiving surface and what robots can do to help prepare for human arrival.

TC Sessions: Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15. If you want to save $55, blast procrastination out the pod bay door and buy your pass today before 11:50 pm (PT).

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