Get your pass to TC Sessions: Space now and save up to $100

What does it take to venture into outer space? A bold vison, nerves of steel and a giant cash payload for starters. Early-stage space startups can’t afford to waste any amount of money, which brings us to this timely reminder.

The price for general admission passes to the all-virtual TC Sessions: Space event goes up Friday, December 3.

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TC Sessions: Space 2021 features plenty of interviews, presentations and panel discussions covering a wide range of space technologies, policies and trends. You’ll find them all in the event agenda.

Here’s a quick look at just some of the compelling topics that our slate of leading space experts will tackle. It’s a great opportunity to learn everything you ever wanted to know about:

Now, about that giant cash payload. How can you find one for your startup? Start by spending time in these sessions where you can pick the brains of VCs who invest heavily in space tech — and write the ginormous checks.

Fast Money, Team Space: Company Concept, Capital and Customer — Game-changing technology and entrepreneurial initiatives are the new space norm. However, a great technical design is not enough. Growing an idea across markets also takes capital and customers. Transitioning from concept to the development phase is more likely to succeed if a company obtains stable forms of capital and potential long-term customers. Harpoon Ventures’ Chris O’Connor focuses on a startup that identified the right venture partners to grow their business and secured opportunities to prototype and test their designs with the U.S. government.

Backing the Brightest — There’s an art to later stage space company funding, especially as the exit picture for the sector is still only just starting to take shape. Tess Hatch (BVP), Shaun Maguire (Sequoia) and Lisa Rich (Hemisphere) discuss how they evaluate which companies are primed for growth.

Being There When Stars Form — At the earliest stages, space companies are at their riskiest. But these investors are willing to wade in and write checks to help those companies gain their footing. Hear from Chad Anderson (Space Capital), Jonathan Fentzke (Techstars) and Jessica Robinson (Assembly Ventures) about how they pick their winners.

TC Sessions: Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15. Spare your budget — buy your pass before the price goes up on December 3 and save up to $100.

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