DCVC Partner and space explorer Chris Boshuizen is coming to TC Sessions: Space 2021

For now, we can still say that the number of people who’ve been to space is vanishingly small. But with the new pace at which Blue Origin is sending private citizens up, that might not be the case next decade. We’re excited to talk to one newly minted private space explorer at our upcoming online TechCrunch Sessions: Space event next week.

Dr. Chris Boshuizen has been to space, and he’s been there very recently — he was one of four passengers on board Blue Origin’s second-ever human spaceflight, which took place on October 13, and which also carried TV’s Captain James T. Kirk, aka Canadian actor William Shatner.

Boshuizen is no stranger to the space business either, having co-founded Planet Labs before becoming a venture investor and now a partner at DCVC, where he invests in space companies and other frontier tech ventures. That’s why his perspective is super unique, given that he’ll be able to tell us not only about what it’s like to actually leave Earth’s atmosphere, but also tell us what he thinks about Blue Origin’s business and the space tourism industry in general.

Tune in next week to hear from one of only 574 people across all of human history who can talk about what it’s like to view Earth from space, and stay tuned for his unparalleled take on space startup and VC investing in this brave new era of space exploration.

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