TC Sessions Space 2021

Astra, Rocket Lab and Redwire will talk SPACs and going public at TC Sessions: Space 2021

Commercial space companies are increasingly seeking out paths to the public markets, and mergers with special purpose acquisition corporations (SPACs) are a popular mechanism for doing so. This year a

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Meet the next generation of launch companies at TC Sessions: Space

The new economy of space has been made possible by the new generation of launch companies — the old new generation now, actually, as SpaceX and Rocket Lab cement their reputations. Now it’s up

Everything you ever wanted to know about launch vehicles at TC Sessions: Space 2021

Space may be the final frontier, but there’s nothing “final” about developing new and more cost-efficient ways to get there. Whether you have your sights set on Mars, delivering payloads to the

Announcing the early-stage space startups exhibiting at TC Sessions: Space 2021

We’ve packed plenty of excitement into TC Sessions: Space 2021 — from iconic space leaders like Rocket Labs’ Peter Beck and Accion’s Natalya Bailey to influential check-writers like Bessemer V

Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck is coming to TC Sessions: Space 2021

Rocket Lab is on the verge of entering a new era in its historic journey as a provider of private rocket launch services: The company’s next flight includes its first attempt to recover one of i

An early-stage founder shares the benefits of attending TC Sessions: Space 2021

It takes such a galactic amount of time, effort and expense to build a successful space startup, that you might find it difficult to justify carving out two days to attend TC Sessions: Space 2021 on D

All systems go: Buy your pass to TC Sessions: Space 2021

Space Race 2.0 is heating up fast, and whether your role lies in the private or public sector, TC Sessions: Space 2021 focuses on the emerging trends, essential data science and creative collaboration

Announcing the agenda for TechCrunch Sessions: Space 2021

TC Sessions: Space is back! Happening this December 14 and 15 — our second dedicated space event. This is a live, virtual two-day event featuring the most important people in the space industry, acr

LeoLabs, Maxar and Astroscale will join us to talk about sustainable in-space operations at TC Sessions: Space 2021

Space is vast, but the part where humans can operate productively and sustainably, especially when it comes to for-profit commercial enterprises, is actually relatively small — and increasingly crow

Learn about the benefits of on-orbit operations and servicing at TC Sessions: Space 2021

If you think manufacturing, assembling and servicing highly complex equipment on Earth is challenging, try doing it in space. On-orbit operations and servicing are vital emerging technologies, and you

Lockheed, Masten and ispace will talk going to the moon (and back) at TC Sessions: Space

Going to the moon is a laudable ambition, but what are you going to do when you get there? NASA and the private space industry aim to make the most of the lunar surface, and to do so they need to stud

Learn how studying lunar samples may help sustain human life beyond our planet at TC Sessions: Space 2021

The dream of understanding, exploring and even settling other worlds is alive and well at TC Sessions: Space 2021. On December 14-15, some of this planet’s foremost experts will be in the house to t

Next week, join NASA, US Space Force for fireside chat on commercial opportunities in the new space age

The booming space industry is evolving and expanding at an unprecedented rate. It’s the most complex, costly sector, and the traditional boundaries between national security, civil and commercial sp

Find out what it takes to make smart early bets in the space industry at TC Sessions: Space 2021

The space industry is bustling with commercial and private industry activity, and new startups are entering the fray all the time. But which are the ones to back, and how can you tell? There’s n

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Prepping to go into space takes a long time and a metric ton of money (we measured). Lucky for you, attending TC Sessions: Space 2021 on December 14-15 requires far less time and a lot less money. Thi

Space startups: Connect with VCs and find funding opportunities at TC Sessions: Space 2021

If there’s one thing aspiring space startup founders have in common, it’s the need to secure funding — massive amounts of funding. Space tech of any variety doesn’t come cheap, but the good ne

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The early-bird countdown: 48 hours left to save on passes to TC Sessions: Space 2021

Not everyone in the space biz has billions of dollars at their disposal (we’re lookin’ at you, Elon, Jeff and Sir Richard). We wish we did, but we don’t. If you fall into that category listen up

Accion’s Natalya Bailey will join us at TC Sessions: Space 2021

With more satellites than ever going to orbit, the question of how to control them efficiently and precisely is of more concern than ever. Accion Systems is well placed to provide a solution to this g
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