What to expect today — day one — at TC Sessions: Space 2021

Welcome to Day One of TC Sessions: Space 2021! Get ready for two full days of programming dedicated to the visionary people forging and funding a sustainable space economy — a little something we like to call Space 2.0.

Ready to join your global community of space pioneers to learn, network and create opportunities? Soak up all the interviews, panel discussions, fireside chats and breakout sessions with the space industry’s mightiest movers and shakers — founders, investors, government policy makers and academics — it’s a veritable a galaxy of opportunity.

Admit one: Still need a pass? We don’t judge — get yours here and join this global space mission.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what you can experience today. You’ll find times for all presentations listed in the event agenda, which will automatically reflect your specific time zone. Okay, let’s get to the, ahem, right stuff.

Fast Money, Team Space: Company Concept, Capital and Customers —Disruptive and game-changing technology and entrepreneurial initiatives are the new space norm. However, a great technical design is not enough to sustain these entrepreneurial pursuits. Growing an idea across markets also takes capital and customers. Transitioning from concept to development phase is more likely to succeed when a company can obtain stable forms of capital and potential long-term customers. The Fast Money session focuses on how a startup identified the right venture partners to grow its business and secured opportunities to prototype and test its designs with the U.S. government. Presented by The Aerospace Corporation.

New Kids on the Launch Block — There’s a new crop of launch companies nipping at the heels of SpaceX and Rocket Lab, including Astra, Firefly and Launcher. We’ll hear from their leaders about what the opportunities are in the evolving launch market, and how they’re posted to take advantage.

Maneuvering Towards Better In-space Propulsion — What goes up must come down, but we can delay that second part a bit with better propulsion on our satellites and spacecraft. Accion Systems, Phase Four and Morpheus Space are pushing the boundaries of in-space propulsion and will discuss the challenges and opportunities in changing how in-space assets move about.

Space SPACs and the Public Market — We saw a number of space companies go public this past year, and many took the SPAC merger route to get there. Redwire, Rocket Lab and Astra will talk about their respective paths to the public markets, and what it’s meant for their companies and the industry.

That’s just part of what’s happening on day one of TC Sessions: Space 2021. Check out all the presentations and be sure to stop by the expo area to meet these 10 up-and-coming space startups. Go. Explore everything this space expedition offers — including a universe of opportunities waiting to be discovered.