Beat the price hike and fire up CrunchMatch for TC Sessions: Space 2021

Heads up folks, as we shift metaphors (ever-so-briefly) from space to sports. We’ve got a news double-header for TC Sessions: Space 2021, which takes flight (we said it was brief) on December 14-15.

Ready? Here goes part one: If you’re part of the community determined to shape the burgeoning space economy, and you still don’t have your pass, the time is Now O’clock. Prices go up in just two days. Buy your pass before December 4, and you’ll keep $55 in your wallet.

Here’s part two — and even more incentive to get your pass ASAP. CrunchMatch is now open, which means you have 12 full days — before the conference even begins — to search the attendees list and schedule meetings with the people who align with your business goals.

If you’re not familiar with CrunchMatch, it’s our AI-powered platform that replaces frustrating and unreliable needle-in-a-haystack networking with an efficient, highly effective process.

When you register(ed) for TC Sessions: Space, you answer a few quick questions about your business preferences, and within minutes you’re automatically registered for CrunchMatch. It’s open as of today, so check your inbox for an email telling you how to access the platform.

CrunchMatch searches for suitable matches based on the info you provided. The algorithm it uses makes fast, precise recommendations, and it gets smarter the more you use it. Check out what other TechCrunch event attendees say about networking the TC way:

CrunchMatch made it easy to set up short networking sessions, and I used it to meet with founders in adjacent areas like climate or B2B SaaS. I met interesting people I wouldn’t necessarily have connected with otherwise. — Ashley Barrington, founder, MarketPearl.

The CrunchMatch networking platform is such a smart, useful tool. It lets you see who’s there, find the right people and reach out for a meeting. I scheduled five or six appointments in one day. The meetings were small, intimate and very informative. — Felicia Jackson, inventor and founder of CPRWrap.

Here’s a quick calculation: Save $55 + CrunchMatch = more opportunity for less money. That’s one doozy of a double-header and a formula for success.

TC Sessions: Space 2021 takes place December 14-15, but the price of admission goes up in just two days. Buy your pass before December 4, save $55, fire up CrunchMatch and start connecting to the people who can move your business forward.

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