scheduling is a robot that can plan your schedule in Slack

Ahoy, mateys! A Columbus, Ohio-based company called aims to schedule yer deck swabbing sessions with just one arrrrrmail or Slack. Ahoy is the brainchild of Jesse Rowe and Alex Ogorek. Rowe is

Vyte makes it easy to invyte people to your calyndyr

Planning a meeting with me used to take hours. First you must bathe yourself in the ritual Spring of Understanding and then, once completely clean, you must enter the room of Writing Down The Appointm

Smart calendar startup Meetingbird aims to take the headache out of scheduling

It’s a tiny-but-still-annoying part of almost every meeting and phone call — once you agree to meet someone or call them, there’s still another flurry of emails as you try to decide on a

Doodle Partners With Paperless Post To Bring Easy Scheduling To Your Event Invitations

Doodle makes it easy to schedule things with friends, coworkers, whoever — but scheduling isn’t the only thing that you need to organize an event. So the company has also connected its tools t

With, Schedule Meetings Without Long Email Threads

Scheduling a meeting usually takes a few emails. Add a third person, and you are now stuck in an email nightmare. French startup knows this too well, and will let you schedule meetings in a fe

Meekan Raises $870,000 To Connect The World’s Calendars

Israeli-based startup Meekan has raised seed funding of $870,000 to grow its portfolio of products, which connects different online calendars. $750,000 of the capital was raised from Horizons Ventures

SuperCalendar Aims To Fix Your Scheduling Woes With A Mix Of Tech And ‘Superhuman’ Power

Even though every major tech company in the world, including Apple, Google and Microsoft, has tried to tackle scheduling, the reality is that the options suck. If we can't afford a real personal assis

OrderAhead, The Mobile Ordering Platform Backed By $2.5M From Adam D’Angelo & More, Launches In LA; Orders Rise 2.4x

Back in August, we introduced you to <a target="_blank" href="">OrderAhead</a>, a Y Combinator grad and mobile ordering solution that had just raised $2.3 million from Fa

Setster Gives All Daily Deal Companies Their Own Groupon Scheduler

As the daily deal space has become increasingly crowded over the last two years, local merchants increasingly feel pressured to run deals, but for many reasons, they end up overwhelmed by the prospec

Float Does Simple Scheduling For Teams (And Simple Is Hard!)

<a href="">Float</a> (no, not <a href="">that F