Doodle Partners With Paperless Post To Bring Easy Scheduling To Your Event Invitations

Doodle makes it easy to schedule things with friends, coworkers, whoever — but scheduling isn’t the only thing that you need to organize an event. So the company has also connected its tools to the invitation process, by rolling out an integration with Paperless Post.

Doodle CEO Michael Brecht said this is the Zurich-headquartered company’s first big US partnership, and one that could introduce the scheduling service to many new users.

For those of you who haven’t used it, Doodle is the most dead-simple service I’ve seen for coordinating schedules. Brecht suggested that easy scheduling could be a big help for some Paperless Post users who want to send out invitations but haven’t quite locked down a date or time.

“There’s a kind of lag time where people want to send their cards out but need to set the date first,” he said. “Now they can shorten this gap, thanks to Doodle.”

The integration works in both directions, he added — you can schedule something on Doodle and then send an invitation via Paperless Post, or you can can send out a Paperless Post invite that includes a link to a Doodle poll. And you can poll attendees about non-schedule-related issues, like the venue of an event or the food that you’ll serve.

“Our purpose is to help people connect in the real world and we believe that our partnership with Doodle will allow that to happen more efficiently and more often,” said Paperless Post CEO James Hirschfeld in an emailed statement.

Brecht is hoping to launch more integrations in the near future, in effect taking Doodle beyond its website and (recently launched) mobile app and turning it into the scheduling/polling layer on other services.

“My aim is to see Doodle as the functionality for any site to help … bring groups of people together,” he said.

And while this new integration might highlight Doodle’s social utility, Brecht also sees it as a productivity tool. In fact, he just released The Productivity Book, an e-book compiling tips from 30 productivity experts.