With Vyte.in, Schedule Meetings Without Long Email Threads

Scheduling a meeting usually takes a few emails. Add a third person, and you are now stuck in an email nightmare. French startup Vyte.in knows this too well, and will let you schedule meetings in a few clicks right in your browser.

“I’ve worked for 4 years in big companies and small startups — from the smallest to the biggest company, you always have this problem when it comes to organizing meetings.” co-founder and CEO Martin Saint-Macary told me in a phone interview. “Project managers can even end up spending half of their time in meetings, and the other half organizing meetings.”

Here’s how it works when you want to set up a meeting. You go on Vyte.in’s website, create an event, add a title and your invitees. After that, you can select multiple time slots directly in a calendar view. And that’s it.

Your recipient will receive an email to select the best time slot or suggest another one. The meeting will then automatically appear in your calendar.

But here’s where Vyte.in shines. When you set up a meeting and select time slots, you get your own calendar events in Vyte.in’s interface, so that you know when you are actually available. If the person you are inviting is using Vyte.in and Google Calendar too, you will also see when he or she is available. All of this is seamless and makes it much easier to pick a time that works for everyone. When you schedule multiple meetings, Vyte.in will automatically avoid redundant or conflicting time slots.

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Having to deal with time zones can get quite frustrating as well. I have to translate my time to San Francisco or New York time multiple times a day. With Vyte.in, you pick a time that works for you, and your recipient will see the invite in his or her local time zone.

For now, event creators have to use Google Calendar. But recipients don’t need to be Google Calendar users. The team is working on other backends and platforms.

The difficult part for this kind of product is that it only works if it’s as straightforward as possible. An email reply only requires one click, while going to Vyte.in’s website creates friction. But I think Vyte.in managed to build enough features without over-complicating the product. If the team could add support for more calendar backends, it could become an important tool for many busy people.