• Sanyo outs two new full HD Xacti "dual cameras"

    Sanyo announced two new “dual cameras” (camcorder and digital camera in one) for the Japanese market yesterday, the Xacti DMX-CG100 (that’s the pistol-grip model) and the Xacti DMX-GH1. Both feature an extra-compact body and the ability to record video in full HD and take 14MP pictures. Read More

  • Sanyo's electric bicycle charges battery on both flat ground and downhill slopes

    We have reported about electric bicycles multiple times in the past, but today Sanyo in Japan announced [press release in English] the “eneloop Hybrid Bicycle” whose battery riders can actively charge while pedaling on flat roads. Previous models, for example this one Sanyo released in 2008, mainly harness energy from braking when the bike goes downhill (“Loop Charge… Read More

  • Sanyo is bringing latest XACTI cams stateside

    Sanyo announced a couple of tasty XACTI camcorders a few weeks ago for the Japanese market. We praised the cams for shooting 1080p video and 14.4MP stills, but questioned whether or not they will ever reach the States. Well, good news. They’re on the way and should hit retailers sometime next month. Read More

  • Sanyo promises 4,000 hours of maintenance-free use for new projector

    Sanyo Japan announced [press release in English] the LP-WL2500 today, an ultra short-focus projector whose newly developed filter and lamp makes it possible to use the device for long periods without maintenance. To be more specific, Sanyo says they boosted lamp life by 30% (when compared to the previous model) to 4,000 hours. The hybrid filter has the main lifespan, which was 20 times… Read More

  • Sanyo releases the 1080p, 14.4MP XACTI CG110 camcorder

    Sanyo just released it’s latest camcorder in the the long-running XACTI line. This model keeps with the familiar design but features 1080p video recording and 14.4MP stills that can both record to a SDHC/SDXC card or the internal 16GB memory. That’s a lot of camera. Read More

  • Panasonic ready to pump $1.1 billion into solar energy business

    There’s a reason why Panasonic paid $4.4 billion in this economic downturn to acquire former rival Sanyo, and the reason is that Panasonic wants to go as “green” as possible in the future. Sanyo isn’t only the world’s leading maker of lithium ion batteries, but also the (now former) company behind the eneloop brand, which consists of a range of eco-friendly… Read More

  • Feet on with Sanyo's eneloop electric-assist bike

    So if you’re living anywhere outside the US, you’re sitting on an electric bike right now. It seems we’re the only country in which electric-assist bikes like this haven’t caught on. Maybe it’s because of our obsession with gigantic, gas-guzzling SUVs we never use for their intended purpose. But I digress. The fact is that other countries have found electric… Read More

  • GREEN SLIM: Casio announces pretty, eco-friendly friendly projectors

    One of the few product announcements by a major electronics maker that’s not been made at the CES: Casio has unveiled the XJ-A series, which consists of nine projectors that are not only pretty cool-looking but also eco-friendly. The company says the devices are the first to be completely mercury-free. Casio also claims their so-called GREEN SLIM projectors are the world’s… Read More

  • Sanyo's CES press conference yields impressive camcorders

    Sanyo officially joined the Panasonic group as of December 21st, 2009. This decision was “due to the rapid decline of the global economy,” according to Sanyo North America president Masami Murata. “This alliance will maximize and optimize Sanyo’s corporate value and will open the way for our company to realize further business development.” Sanyo will maintain… Read More