Casio announces two new Exilim cameras

<img src="" /> Casio Japan <a href="">unveiled</a> [JP] two new Exilim point-an

Sanyo's "electrolyzed water technology" fights off swine flu

<img src="" /> The swine flu (aka H1N1) isn't really a hot topic anymore (when compared to the situation a few months ago), but

Sanyo's portable solar panel makes solar energy useful for gadget freaks

<img src="" /> Sanyo added a few new products to its successful <a href="">eneloop</a>

Sanyo presents world's first carbon fiber electric bike (and a foldable model)

<img title="sanyo_eneloop_bike_carbon" src="" /> Sanyo landed a huge hit with its eneloop brand that includes

Stylish and eco-friendly: Sanyo's eneloop lamps (video)

<img src="" /> <a href="">Sanyo Japan today announced the strange, vase-like "eneloop lamp"

Sanyo Japan to launch two high-resolution / high-brightness projectors

<img src="" /> Sanyo seems to now entirely focus on projectors targeted at professional customers and businesses. Aft

Sanyo to roll out new high-end projector for $6,000

<img src="" /> Today Sanyo Japan announced a new high-end projector, <a href="">th

AQUA: Sanyo develops super-efficient washing machine

<img src="" /> In Japan, Sanyo is not only known as a maker of home electronics and eneloop, rechargeable batteries, but also as a m

Sanyo rolls out hybrid bike with 85km driving range

<img src="" /> <a href="">Sanyo has released a new "eneloop"-branded and

Sanyo unveils new laser projector with world's highest brightness level

<img src="" /> As far as picture quality in home cinema goes, nothing can beat laser projectors, <a href="http://en.wikiped

Japan gets solar parking spot for electric bikes

<img src="" /> Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in Japan as top electronics brands such as <a href="http

Sanyo announces first round of refreshes to the Xacti camcorder line [Update]

<img src="" alt="" />Sanyo’s compact line of Xacti Dual camcorders was refreshed this morning with five new models. The high-en

Sanyo announces 6,500lm full HD projector

<img src="" /> <a href="">Sanyo Japan today unveiled its newest projector</a>, t

Sanyo unveils full HD surveillance system based on Xacti technology

<img class="size-full wp-image-61480 alignnone" title="sanyo_full_hd_surveillance" src="" alt="sanyo_full_hd_surveill

Panasonic will buy Sanyo after all

There were some hiccups along the way but now the deal between Panaosonic and Sanyo (announced on November 3) seems to be perfect. Goldman Sachs and Sanyo’s other major shareholders have agreed to s

Former chairman wants Intel to make electric car batteries

Andrew Grove, former Intel Corp chairman, is pushing the world’s biggest maker of microprocessors to diversify business by becoming a manufacturer of advanced batteries for plug-in electric ca

Sanyo Internet Radio: It can connect to the Internet

The SANYO R227 will make your life easier by finding you the stations you want to listen to while you pretend to work. As Sanyo’s vice president, Tom Van Voy states, the device needs no tetherin

Panasonic throwing more yen at Sanyo

Panasonic is trying to sweeten the deal on the Sanyo buyout offer it proposed back in November 7th by offering ¥140 per share instead of ¥130. They must really want to settle this. In order to compl

Sanyo unveils Eneloop electric hybrid bike, plans to sell it outside Japan as well

Sanyo today unveiled the Eneloop electric hybrid bike [JP], which will be on sale in Japan in early February 2009. The company is following Toshiba, Yamaha (Yamaha even sells two bikes) and Panasonic

Panasonic making a bid for Sanyo – but why?

Panasonic is looking to lay out more than $5 billion to take a controlling stake in Sanyo. What does the consumer tech giant see in the smaller, less successful company? Diversification. Panasonic has
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