Sanyo unveils Eneloop electric hybrid bike, plans to sell it outside Japan as well

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Sanyo today unveiled the Eneloop electric hybrid bike [JP], which will be on sale in Japan in early February 2009. The company is following Toshiba, Yamaha (Yamaha even sells two bikes) and Panasonic with their new addition to its Eneloop series of particularly “green” electronic products.

The bike is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and harnesses energy from braking when the bike goes downhill while being able to double the rider’s pedal force when going uphill through powering the front wheel. Sanyo claims their bike can travel 1.8 times faster than non-electric bikes.

The bicycle will cost $1,400 and is available in white, green, black or grey. Sanyo aims to launch the new bike overseas “at some point in the future”, according to a company representative. Its seat height is adjustable from 24-inch to 26-inch framing (the adjustable saddle range is 18cm).

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