Sanyo announces first round of refreshes to the Xacti camcorder line [Update]


Sanyo’s compact line of Xacti Dual camcorders was refreshed this morning with five new models. The high-end DMX-HD2000 and DMX-FH11 are the only two that shoot 1080p resolution video. Like Xactis before it, these two also take still photos that are approximately 8 megapixels even when recording video. They can be interpolated up to 12 megapixels as well when not shooting video. Both have a 10x optical zoom.

The DMX-HD2000 is of the vertical form factor variety with a 2.7-inch LCD while the FH11 does the horizontal boogie with a 3-inch LCD. Both can take up to a 32GB SDHC or SD card, but the FH11 comes with 8GB of built-in memory. The HD2000 will be the first out of the gate starting Februrary 6 in Japan. The FH11 will ship much later with an April 24 ship date.

The CA9 (5x optical zoom) and WH11 (30x optical zoom) only shoot 720p, but these two are waterproof up to 1.5M and 3M, respectively. The CA9 musters up 9-megapixel (12 when interpolated) images while the WH11 has measly 1.1-megapixel (2 when interpolated) images. Both come with 43MB of internal memory and also take up to 32GB SDHC memory cards. A 2.5-inch LCD comes with both models. The CA9 is expected to launch March 13 with the WH11 to follow on the 19th.

Rounding out the Xacti refresh is the CG10. This, too, shoots 720p video and takes 10-megapixel images (up to 12 when interpolated). Memory storage is the same as the others and comes with 40MB on-board storage. Like the FH11, the CG10 has a 3-inch LCD and will be available starting February 20.

Press Release with full specs

Main Features: VPC-FH1 (Horizontal; $499.99 MSRP) and VPC-HD2000 (Vertical; $599.99)

* Full 1080p HD Video (60fps)
* 8-Megapixel Digital Photos and High-Speed Sequential Shooting (12fps)
* High Speed Recording/Super Slow Motion Playback (240/600fps for 1/4 or 1/10 playback)
* 3-inch wide LCD Monitor (FH1), 2.7-inch wide LCD monitor (HD2000) for HD Playback
* 10x Optical Zoom for photos
* 16x advanced zoom (more area included than standard zooming, 160x digital zoom) for video
* Digital Image Stabilizer (Movies & Stills)
* ‘Face Chaser’ technology (up to 12 faces) for photos/videos
* HDMI Output (FH1); HDMI Digital Interface via Cradle (HD2000)
* Optional lenses: Tele, Wide, Semi-Fisheye
* External microphone input (HD2000)
* VPC-FH1 and VPC-HD200 are available in Black

Main Features: VPC-TH1 (Horizontal; $299.99 MSRP)

* HD Digital Video (720p, 30fps)
* 30x Optical Zoom
* 2-Megapixel sequential shooting (13fps)
* 3-inch LCD (TFT) Widescreen Display
* Long 3-hour 20-minute continuous recording battery life
* Digital Image Stabilizer (video and stills)
* ‘Face Chaser’ technology can detect up to 12 faces for photos and videos
* HDMI Output
* 3D DNR digital noise reduction for clearer images
* Available in Silver and Blue

Main Features: VPC-CG10 (Vertical; $199.99 MSRP)

* 10-Megapixel photos and 720p HD video
* 5x optical zoom
* 3-inch Widescreen LCD
* Digital Image Stabilizer (video and stills)
* ‘Face Chaser’/Detection Technology (up to 12 faces)
* High-Speed Sequential Shooting 7fps
* 3D DNR digital noise reduction for clearer images
* Available in Black and Pink

Main Features: VPC-WH1 (Horizontal; $399.99 MSRP)

* Waterproof up to 3 meters (10 feet) for one hour
* Exceptional 30x optical zoom
* 2.5-inch LCD Display
* 2-megapixel photos and 720p high-definition video
* 2-megapixel sequential shooting (13fps)
* ‘Face Chaser’ face detecting technology for both photos and videos (12 faces)
* 3-hour 20-minute recording time; long battery life
* HDMI Output
* Available in Blue and Yellow

Main Features: VPC-CA9 (Vertical; $349.99 MSRP)

* Waterproof up to 1.5 meters (5 feet) for one hour
* 9-megapixel photos and 720p high-definition video
* High Speed Sequential shooting (7fps)
* 5x Optical Zoom
* 2.5″ LCD monitor
* ‘Face Chaser’ face detection technology
* Available in Black, Red and Green