Sanyo's "electrolyzed water technology" fights off swine flu


The swine flu (aka H1N1) isn’t really a hot topic anymore (when compared to the situation a few months ago), but it still remains a big problem. Today Sanyo of all companies made an announcement in Tokyo (press release in English), claiming their “electrolyzed water technology” has proven to be actually effective in fighting the nasty virus.

Sanyo claims that their new technology, jointly developed with the Gunma Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences in central Japan, is at least 99% effective in suppressing infectivity for H1N1 (the virus was exposed to electrolyzed water for ten minutes after which this viral infectivity reduction effect was observed). A mixture with tap water served as an example for a viral infectivity residual ratio of 100%.


Sanyo says their water destroys the “spikes” of the swine flu viruses, which then can’t stick to human cells anymore to cause the illness.

The company is pretty active in the field of “virus neutralization”. In June 2008, for example, it presented a “virus washer system” that’s now in place in a number of movie theaters in Japan and kills off odors, bacteria, viruses and pollen even in large spaces.