Sanyo presents world's first carbon fiber electric bike (and a foldable model)


Sanyo landed a huge hit with its eneloop brand that includes a number of “green” products, such as lamps, batteries or even Wii controllers. In the past few months, the company also introduced electric bikes that featured eneloop technology, one of which it wanted to sell outside Japan as well.

Now Nippon gets another two eneloop-branded bikes [JP], a carbon fiber model and a foldable bicycle. The way both models work is the same: Every time you drive downhill or decelerate, the electric motor switches to a dynamo, allowing for regenerative charging. Both bikes are pretty cool but have one disadvantage: The hefty price tag.

The CY-SPK227 (pictured above), is the world’s first electric bike with a carbon fiber frame. Targeting sports fanatics, the bike weighs 19.5kg and is 1,830mm long. Charge the 25.2V/5.7Ah lithium-ion battery for 3.5 hours, and the bike will let you drive for about 100km (assisted travel range). Available in black only, Sanyo plans to start selling the bike on October 1. The price: $6,700.


Sanyo also presented a foldable electric bike today, the CY-SPJ220, which is less spectacular but also way cheaper. That bike’s 24V/3.1Ah lithium-ion battery is good for an assisted travel range of up to 46km with a single charge (which takes 2 hours and 15 minutes).


The CY-SPJ220, which isn’t made of carbon fiber, weighs 18.5kg and is available in black, red or white. Sanyo will start selling the bike in Japan on September 21 fo $1,100.

The company hasn’t said yet if these bikes will ever make their way outside Nippon as well.